SMB GROWTH HUB: Innovation for SMEs

17th November 2020 by

VIRTUAL NETWORKING: In an ever-changing market, small and medium businesses need to innovate now more than ever. But how can you do it?

About this Event

The SMB Growth Hub presents: Innovation for SMEs

In an ever-changing world, it’s more important now than ever to be adaptable, flexible, and innovate. But what is innovation, really? And how can business owners go about it?

Hosted using the REMO virtual conferencing platform, attendees can network with other guests in real time and contribute to discussion.

Hear real-life examples from local Sussex businesses on how to harness innovation, and get practical tips and advice on how to keep your business relevant and ahead of the curve.


Kathy Caton – CEO of Brighton Gin

Karen Lord – Partner at Healys LLP

When: Next Thursday from 1pm!

Where: Hosted via exciting interactive platform