Do You Need A Licence for Alterations?

19th February 2021 by

You may or may not be aware but most residential leases contain restrictions on the type of alterations you can do in your property. For the large proportion of you that do want to carry out changes, you will require the consent of your landlord beforehand. Now, consent can come in many forms but for the more prudent of you if should come in the form of a licence for alterations. This is an official document drawn up between you and your landlord giving you the authority to carry out the work you want subject to various conditions. The document is intended to provide clarity on exactly what has been consented to and security on both sides in the event of any issues arising.

If you wish to carry out alterations to your property then please contact us to help you through the process. If you fail to obtain the appropriate consent then you will almost certainly be in breach of lease terms and risk potential enforcement action being taken against you by your landlord.  You may also experience difficulties selling in the future. It is therefore imperative that the paperwork is appropriately drafted and dealt with before any work begins.

If you would like more information or require assistance in this area then please contact Daniel Winslow, Partner and head of this firm’s Leasehold Services department.