Meet the Board Minute Members – David Gordon

11th November 2022 by

Healys’ Corporate & Commercial has recently expanded and we welcome new solicitor and partner, David Gordon, to the team. David sat down to tell us about himself and what motivates him as he supports his clients.

1. Tell us about your legal and entrepreneurial background?

I spent some of my earlier years setting up a small business while I was a student – my parents were horrified that I wanted to do something for profit (they were medics), but I loved it. That start led me into law and business and I had an interest in commercial and corporate work. I found some of the most interesting clients were entrepreneurs and owner managers. Somehow I had a notion to set up my own business and practice, and in 2004 the opportunity arose to branch out on my own and I set up my practice! I ran that practice until very recently, before joining the team at Healys.

2. What are you most passionate about in terms of your work?

I love solving clients’ problems both legal and practical.  I want to keep things as simple as possible, as having run my own show I know you need quick, clear and practical advice which tells you what you can do rather than what you can’t.

3. You are relatively new to the Healys team – what are you excited about contributing to the Corporate & Commercial team and the firm as a whole?

I am really impressed with the quality of the firm: both its lawyers and staff; and its clients. It is a natural fit for my existing client base. I’m really looking forward to developing the London offering and putting into practice many of the things I have learned over the last few years working with entrepreneurs and business owners.

4. There has been a flurry of activity when it comes to property special purpose vehicles (SPVs) and using them to fulfil specific property investment objectives. How have you seen the landscape change recently and what do you anticipate for the future?

It’s an interesting time for prime property in London. There are lots of pressures on the market from different angles. I believe there will still be a strong appetite to invest in prime London property, despite the economic pressures and the impact of the war in Ukraine.

5. What do you anticipate clients being most worried about when it comes to this new Register of Overseas Entities regime?

I think it may be the volume of information that has to be provided and how quickly the various parties involved are able to turn that around.

6. In terms of the deals you’ve worked on to date that involve the purchase or sale of a special purpose vehicle (SPV), what would you say is notable about most transactions?

Clients want to move to exchange of contracts as quickly and as safely as they can. The SPV adds a layer of complexity, but the principles remain the same – that once the price is agreed it is usually in all parties’ interests to sign without too much delay.

7. What are the main things SPV owners need to be aware of when thinking about the Register of Overseas Entities and upcoming developments?

It affects not just sales and purchases but also mortgages and re-mortgages! It also catches deals done since 28 February 2022, so could be a trap for the unwary.

8. Healys is a full service law firm. What other departments do you tend to work closely with?

I have already had some great help from the Commercial Property and Litigation departments. Private Client and Tax also have been able to input on things for me and my clients, which has been great.


Thanks to David for sharing a bit about what motivated him to embark on a career in law, and how running his own business has given him the unique insight and understanding that clients value. If you are keen to talk to David to discuss any of your business matters, please contact him on: