Special Offer to Business Junction Members – Healys’ Start-up Saver Scheme

19th January 2023 by

50% off Healys LLP’S legal fees with the Start-up Saver Scheme for Entrepreneurs and Disruptors

We understand that starting a new business often takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears (AKA money, time and energy). Would-be entrepreneurs are faced with a host of challenges – not least a raft of legal issues that they need to consider.  Failing to do this early doors can be incredibly costly in the long run too.

To help businesses achieve success, Healys LLP has put its thinking cap on and come up with a new business package to give start-ups access to cost-effective, practical and friendly legal support.

SUSSED (Start-Up Saver Scheme for Entrepreneurs and Disruptors) is designed to support tech-led and innovative start-ups with their legal needs and help them maximise on opportunities by taking advantage of Healys’ legal knowledge, networks and expertise.

SUSSED gives members flexible access to a dedicated team of specialists, who have significant experience supporting a wide range of businesses with guidance on legal compliance and making the most of commercial opportunities. Many of our clients are tech and innovation based businesses and we understand the specific legal and commercial challenges many businesses face in this sector. We are also well-placed to introduce clients to our wide network of contacts for help in other areas such as tax & accounting, investment, HR and marketing.

SUSSED is a subscription-based arrangement offering members a number of benefits, including: 50% off our standard corporate & commercial hourly rates, opportunities to expand business networks and more.

Healys’ Start-up Scheme is designed for businesses that are:

  • Tech or innovation driven
  • Have an annual turnover of up to half a million pounds
  • Are less than two years of age

For more information regarding SUSSED or for help with any other legal issues, please contact Healys’ Business Junction representative, Jamie Tavares at: Jamie.tavares@healys.com