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Risk Assessment – Healys LLP
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    Risk Assessment – Healys LLP

    Risk Assessment – Healys LLP

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    Vulnerable groups – Elderly or pregnant employees & those with existing underlying health conditions

    Anyone else who comes into contact with us in relation to our business
    Hand Washing

    Hand washing facilities with soap and water in place.

    Stringent hand washing.

    Drying hands with disposable paper towels.
    Staff encouraged to protect their skin

    Gel sanitisers & wipes available throughout the offices & in any area where washing facilities not readily available
    Employees to be reminded to wash their hands/the importance of proper drying with disposable towels. Also reminded to catch coughs and sneezes in tissues – Follow ‘Catch it, Bin it and Kill it’ and to avoid touching face, eyes, nose or mouth with unclean hands. Tissues, hand sanitisers & antiseptic wipes to be available throughout the buildings.

    Encourage employees to report any problems with skin.
    HR, Management team, HODs and managersOngoingOngoing
    Office Cleaning

    Frequently cleaning and disinfecting objects and surfaces that are touched regularly particularly in areas of high use such as door handles, light switches, reception area using appropriate cleaning products and methods.
    Regular checks will be carried out by the Office Manager & line managers to ensure that the necessary procedures are being followed.
    Employees to be reminded to wipe down shared office equipment after use. Wipes provided on site.
    Office Manager, HR, Management TeamOngoingRegular daily cleaning of both offices
    Reception & Meeting Rooms/Meetings

    HR to be notified when any non-employee visitor(s) are due to access the office building so that they can ensure tight protocols are met.

    Receptionists to ensure all visitors complete our Covid Visitor Form (copies held on reception).

    Receptionists to check the temperature of all visitors and ensure meeting rooms are set up to comply with our Covid regulations.

    Conference rooms to be identified/cleaned to full standard after in-house meetings.
    Reception/HR/Office ManagerOngoingOngoing
    Social Distancing

    Social Distancing -Reducing the number of people in any work area to comply with the 2-metre (6.5 foot) gap recommended by the Public Health Agency

    Taking steps to review work schedules including continuing working from home for those who can easily do so, changing start & finish times/shift patterns, etc. to reduce number of people on site at any time.

    Relocating people to other areas of work/tasks.

    Redesigning processes to ensure social distancing.

    Conference calls/Zoom meetings instead of face to face meetings.

    Public transport – assessing potential risk of using public transport & alternative ways to access the workplace, i.e. by car, bicycle or on foot.

    Ensuring sufficient rest breaks.
    Employees to be reminded regularly about the continued importance of social distancing in the workplace.

    Frequent management checks to ensure this is followed.

    Social distancing in kitchen areas and smoking areas.

    No group smoking or groups in kitchens – one person at a time.

    Only one person at any time in public areas – kitchens, loos, lifts etc.

    Receptionists to monitor visitors etc., take temperatures & ensure appropriate social distancing during on site client meetings & other visitor events.
    HR, Office Manager, Management team, HODs, line managers, receptionistsOngoingOngoing
    Masks & Gloves

    Where Risk Assessment identifies wearing of face coverings and/or gloves as a requirement of the job, supply to be provided on site. Instructions on how to remove gloves carefully to reduce contamination and dispose of them safely.
    Employees to be reminded that wearing gloves is not a substitute for effective hand washing.

    Masks/face coverings continue be worn in all office spaces except at personal workstations (removed at workstations only by personal choice).
    HR, Office Manager, Management team, HODs, line managers, receptionistsOngoingOngoing
    Mental Health

    HR & Management to promote mental health & wellbeing awareness during the Coronavirus outbreak and to offer whatever support is needed.

    Reference -
    Communicating mental health-related guidance & information to all employees and ‘open door’ approach for anyone needing support.

    Good internal communication across a range of options (phone, video etc.) with HODs/managers keeping in regular contact with their teams, to offer reassurance & support in this fast changing situation.

    HR & managers to offer support to anyone directly affected by Coronavirus or with an affected family member.
    HR, HODs and line managersOngoingOngoing
    Couriers/Delivery & Transport

    Procedures in place for couriers to ensure adequate system in place.


    Employees told not to share cars or taxis, where suitable distancing cannot be achieved.
    Communicate with companies we deliver to/from to ensure appropriate social distancing & hygiene guidelines are in place & followed.Office ManagementOngoingOngoing
    Personal ResponsibilityIt is essential that partners & employees take personal responsibility for protecting their own health & that of their colleagues.

    Anyone feeling ill in any way, or exhibiting Covid-related symptoms, however slight, must not attempt to access the office and must inform HR immediately - and stay at home.

    Everyone must take personal responsibility for testing etc. and isolating if necessary. A common-sense, low risk approach should be taken at all times, for the good of all.
    All Partners & employees/consultants/locums/temporary staff. OngoingOngoing