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    Banking & Finance

    A one-stop shop with an entrepreneurial edge.
    Making your business more robust and profitable.
    International financial institutions.
    Short term lenders.
    Trading houses & payment systems.
    Specialist teams, with world-class insight and experience.
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    The past few years have been the most challenging in the history for the financial markets and have required fresh new thinking as the markets adjust to continually changing economic, political and regulatory conditions. Healys has the experience and insight to help you navigate new complexities in today’s financial markets.

    We understand the banking & financial institutions of every size, focus and geography. From banks and insurance companies to trading houses and credit payment providers, you get a team with unrivalled knowledge and expertise.  Working closely with our colleagues in corporate, real estate, tax and dispute resolution, we ensure our clients achieve the results they need and that we get the deal done.

    We advise on all aspects of cross-border and domestic financing across a broad range of industries. Our team of Banking & Finance lawyers is experienced in local and international banking and finance laws, regulations and customs.

    Our services include:

    • Corporate lending
    • Acquisition finance
    • Insolvency and restructuring
    • Invoice discounting
    • Equity restructuring and corporate debt
    • Corporate finance, including joint ventures and equity investment
    • Property acquisition, investment and development finance
    • All types of corporate, business and personal security and subordination issues
    • Banking litigation

    Real Estate Finance And Secured Lending

    As part of its Real Estate offering, Healys has a specialised lender-side finance team. It delivers commercially astute advice, advising on risk without over-emphasising it, working closely with clients to ensure that security requirements are met.

    As part of this approach Healys will ensure that the client’s relationship with the borrower is maintained. In this often time sensitive process, the team at Healys has the expertise quickly to identify, explain and resolve the key issues of the transaction.

    This combination of experience and depth of resource sets us apart. Whether providing due diligence reports on title, leases, planning and construction issues in relation to properties that are to be funded or arranging letters of advice from Healys network of associates in other jurisdictions, the client is kept informed and can be confident that each transaction is led by one of the partners in the team.

    Healys act for banks, private equity houses, family offices and other lending institutions in relation to domestic and cross border transactions that include term loans, revolving credit facilities, overdraft facilities, standby and bridging facilities and unitranche loans.

    Services include:

    • Preparing initial finance documentation, including term sheets and facility agreements
    • Drafting bespoke debentures, legal charges, charges over shares and other security documentation
    • Dealing with senior and junior debt and security arrangements, deeds of priority, subordination and other forms of intercreditor arrangements
    • Reviewing existing loan documentation
    • Negotiating the terms of relevant construction documents, including collateral warranties, in relation to development finance
    • Title due diligence and risk analysis in relation to retail, industrial, leisure and other commercial property
    • Corporate due diligence
    • Responding to waiver, amendment and consent requests and the resulting agreements
    • Security enforcement