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    Contracts of Employment from Specialist Lawyers

    Experts on the human side of business

    Parties to an employment relationship will often, but not always, put the terms and conditions that govern that relationship into writing. There is no legal requirement for the entire contract of employment to be in writing (It can be written, oral, or implied or even a mixture of all three). However, in addition to the benefits of having certainty around terms and conditions the Employment Rights Act 1996 requires employers to provide their staff with a written statement of their main terms and conditions.

    Further, in respect of Business Protection and Confidentiality it is vital to ensure that proper express restrictions are put in place so as to properly protect the contacts, clients and customer connections of the business.

    Why use Healys Solicitors?

    We provide an efficient, practical, friendly and cost effective service. We understand the needs of businesses and the importance of properly regulating working relationships to avoid future problems.

    We also act for large organisations and are happy to draft new contracts, review existing contracts, and advise on all HR needs.

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