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This information is relevant to you if you need legal advice because you are a biological parent, a step-parent, or a grand-parent or you care for a child under the age of 18.

Healys Solicitors can give you expert legal advice about children law whether you are married or in a civil partnership or neither.

Children law is all about the welfare of a child or children. Children law includes:

  • Parental responsibility agreements or parental responsibility orders. These are written agreements or Court orders stating who has the right to make, or be consulted about, a particular child’s upbringing. Married biological parents automatically have parental responsibility for their children, as do many (but not all) unmarried biological parents.
  • Residence agreements or residence orders. These are written agreements or Court orders stating where a child should live.
  • Contact agreements or contact orders. These are written agreements or Court orders stating what contact a child should have with other people. For example, time with one parent or the other after a divorce or separation. Contact can include face to face visits, staying over, telephone time and/ or letters and emails.
  • Prohibited steps orders. These are Court orders which prevent someone from doing a specific thing with a child, such as taking that child abroad or changing their name.

Child support and money

Every biological parent has a legal responsibility to pay towards the costs of bringing up their child or children.

Step-parents and adoptive parents may also have financial responsibilities for their children or their partner’s children, as can sperm donors.

Precisely that those responsibilities are and how they are dealt with in practice depends on other legal factors such as:

  • Whether you are married or in a civil partnership
  • Whether you are living together
  • Whether you own property together
  • Whether the child or children in question have particular needs over and above basic child support maintenance
  • Whether you have any other children

Healys Solicitors is experienced in successfully negotiating parental responsibility agreements, child residence agreements and child contact agreements as well agreements for financial child support.

Healys Solicitors also has experience in successfully making and defending applications for parental responsibility orders, child residence orders, child contact orders and other Court orders for the financial support of children.

Our many years experience as specialist Family Lawyers has taught us that each individual situation is different. Healys Solicitors can help by listening sensitively and giving you straightforward legal advice so you can weigh up what options will work best for you.

When things are amicable we can help you keep it that way, and when things are tough we can help fight your corner.

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