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Prevention of Illegal Workers
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    At Healys Solicitors our specialist Immigration Team are here to help your business and make sure you are compliant with all immigration rules and procedures.

    Employers could face criminal charges if they or any person on their behalf employs an illegal worker.  Penalties include 5 years in jail and/or an unlimited fine.

    The Civil Penalty Scheme states that any employer found employing an illegal worker, even if they were never aware, could face an on the spot fine of up to £20,000 per illegal worker.

    How to check employees’ documents

    The Home Office has published a three step system for checking employees’ documents; these steps are Obtain, Check and Copy.

    • Obtain – The first step is to obtain the original document. The Home Office has published two lists of documents that are acceptable as evidence of the right to work in the UK, List A and List B.
    • Check – The second step is to check that the obtained documents are genuine and that the person presenting them is the prospective employee, that they are the rightful holder and allowed to do the type of work you are offering.
    • Copy – The third step is to make a clear copy of each document in a format which cannot be altered, and retain the copy securely either electronically or in hard copy. You must also retain a record of the date on which you made the check.

    Work Authorisation Service

    At Healys Solicitors our specialist immigration lawyers are here to offer your business full support ensuring that all new and existing employees are checked and comply with their sponsorship visas.  Our services include:

    • Audit of procedures in your HR processes
    • Reviewing of all contracts and documentation
    • Updates from our team on important law changes
    • Training provided by immigration specialists
    • Business planning and advice from our team
    • Priority services for specific applications
    • Maintenance of expatriate records for renewal
    • Senior level of Home Office contacts

    The experienced Immigration team at Healys Solicitors will audit your business and ensure that you are fully compliant with UK Immigration Rules.

    We will make sure that all supporting documents are carefully drafted to ensure compliance with UK Immigration Rules and specifically assist your business in any possible breaches of those rules.

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