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Representative of an Overseas Business visa
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    Representative of an Overseas Business visa

    The Representative of an Overseas Business visa allows a senior employee of an overseas business to come to the UK to set up and run a UK branch or wholly-owned subsidiary of the overseas parent company.

    In order to qualify for a Representative of an Overseas Business visa you will need to satisfy UK Visas and Immigration that your overseas company:

    • Is an active and trading overseas business;
    • Has, and will continue to have, its headquarters and principal place of business outside the United Kingdom;
    • Has no branch, subsidiary or other representative in the UK;
    • Intends to establish a branch or wholly-owned subsidiary in the UK that will actively trade in the same type of business as the overseas business and will not be established solely for the purpose of facilitating the entry and stay of the sole representative;
    • Intends to maintain the centre of its operations overseas.

    You will also need to demonstrate that you genuinely:

    • Are an existing senior employee of the overseas business;
    • Have been recruited and taken on as an employee of the overseas business outside of the UK;
    • Have the skills, experience and knowledge of the overseas business necessary to undertake the role of sole representative of the overseas business in the UK;
    • Have full authority to negotiate and take operational decisions on behalf of the overseas business;
    • Intend to be employed full-time as a representative of the overseas business;
    • Will not engage in business of your own or represent any other business’ interest in the United Kingdom;
    • Do not have a majority stake in, or otherwise own or control, that overseas business, whether that ownership or control is by means of a shareholding, partnership agreement, sole proprietorship or any other arrangement;
    • Are competent in the English language to at least CEFR Level A1 (speaking and listening);
    • Can maintain and accommodate yourself and your dependants.

    The exact requirements you will need to satisfy will vary depending on your circumstances. Please speak to our solicitors for expert advice.

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