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    Healys’ Insolvency team act for insolvency practitioners, accountants, directors, shareholders, lenders and other stakeholders on a wide range of insolvency issues. We can assist accountancy practices to provide additional services to their clients by working with them on specialised insolvency matters and potential restructuring.

    Based in our London office the team is conveniently located within walking distance of both the Companies Court and the County Court at Central London. This allows members of the team to be available to represent you or your client at short notice. We also have a network of agents/Counsel throughout the Country.

    Specialist advice includes:

    • Advising office holders (Both corporate and personal) on their various positions during the insolvency process
    • Application on behalf of Trustee in Bankruptcy for an Order for possession and sale of bankrupts property s.335A(1) Insolvency Act 1986
    • Transactions at undervalue
    • Preference claims
    • Validation Orders where bank accounts are frozen as a result of Advertisement of Winding Up Petition in the London/Stubbs Gazette
    • Company restoration
    • Application under s.108 of the Insolvency Act 1986 for the appointment and/or re-appointment of a liquidator
    • Application to redact factually incorrect material and documents from Register of Companies
    • Application to the court for the deferring of dissolution date
    • Representation at Court to oppose Bankruptcy Order/Winding Up Order
    • Negotiation with HMRC before and after presentation of Bankruptcy/Winding Up Petition
    • Application to Court for rescission of Winding Up Orders
    • Application for annulment of Bankruptcy Orders
    • Presentation of both Winding Up and Bankruptcy Petitions on behalf of creditors
    • Bankruptcy Petition on failed individual voluntary arrangement (IVA)
    • Winding Up Petition on failed company’s voluntary arrangement (CVA)
    • Winding Up and jointly applying for Bankruptcy on failed partnership voluntary arrangement (PVA)


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