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    Healys LLP Ranked as Leading Firm in Legal 500

    Healys LLP Ranked as Leading Firm in Legal 500 – UK Solicitors Guide 2022

    1st October 2021 by

    Healys has once again been recognised as a Leading Firm in the latest edition of the Legal 500 UK. This year Healys has been ranked in 7 practice areas, with 13 individuals recognised as Recommended Lawyers in their specialist fields. (more…)

    Birth Injuries Woman Secures Right to Justice 28 Years After the Event

    17th February 2021 by

    Clinical negligence can become harder and harder to prove as the years go by and that is why it makes sense to consult a solicitor as soon as possible. However, as a High Court case showed, expert personal injury lawyers are still capable of taking effective action years, even decades, after the event. (more…)

    hospital ward with empty hospital beds

    Family of Financier Killed By Hospital Blunder Receives £2.1 Million

    9th June 2020 by

    Loved ones of those who die as a result of hospital negligence often understandably feel that there is no justice in the world. However, as one case showed, the right legal advice gives hope of receiving fair compensation. (more…)

    medical staff in operation theatre

    Case Study – DP v Barts Health NHS Trust

    28th May 2020 by

    Healys acted on behalf of a 23 year old female in relation to her claim for clinical negligence that happened in 2015 at Whipps Cross Hospital in London. The Claimant had a relevant past gynaecological and obstetric history of a previous caesarean section in 2013 and previous laparotomy for ovarian cystectomy at 10 years of age. This was classified as a high risk pregnancy and the Claimant was referred to a Consultant in the Antenatal Clinic at Whipps Cross Hospital for review. The Claimant had elected to have a caesarean section. The Claimant had previously undergone an emergency lower segment caesarean section due to a failure to progress when having her first child. (more…)

    female doctor working on medical equipment while female patient lies next to her inhospital bed

    What is the Three-part Test for Clinical Negligence?

    29th April 2020 by

    You may be surprised (and somewhat perturbed) to hear the true scale of healthcare ‘adverse events’ in the UK – these are defined as “instances which indicate or may indicate that a patient has received poor quality care”. The Department of Health estimates that 10% of hospital inpatient admissions lead to an adverse event. And according to NHS Resolution (the official body charged with managing NHS related compensation claims), they handled 16,701 cases of clinical and non-clinical claims for damages between 2017 and 2018. For each of these, it would have been necessary to establish and prove that negligence occurred; but what is the test for negligence and how is this applied?

    In this article, we will outline the three-part test which a specialist clinical negligence solicitor will assess on your behalf before proceeding with your case. (more…)

    Male judge in courtroom striking the gavel

    What happens at an Inquest? (And Other Frequently Asked Questions)

    27th April 2020 by

    What is an Inquest?

    An inquest is held when someone has died in certain specific circumstances. Inquests are only held when an investigation is necessary to establish the facts about what the cause of death was, usually when the person died suddenly or in circumstances that remain unexplained. For example, deaths that have occurred as a result of violence, due to unnatural means or as a result of sudden and unknown causes would all necessitate an inquest taking place. (more…)

    Doctor is listening to the heartbeat of an old man using a stethoscope

    Heart Patient Let Down By Negligent GP Due Big Damages Award

    11th March 2020 by

    GPs work under great pressure but, they can make negligent mistakes that cause injury to patients. In these cases, it is only right that compensation is paid. In one instance, man with a heart condition suffered a catastrophic faint after his doctor failed to refer him to hospital. Following proceedings, he won the right to very substantial damages. (more…)

    hospital ward

    Millions in Damages for Nine-Year-Old Victim of Hospital Diagnosis Error

    28th November 2019 by

    Despite the best efforts of the NHS, it is inevitable that medical mistakes are sometimes made and, when they are, it is important to ensure that victims are fairly compensated. One such case, brought on behalf of a nine-year-old boy left gravely disabled owing to clinical negligence in the days following his birth, has resulted in a multi-million-pound damages award. (more…)

    image of a doctor speaking with their patient

    Girl Struck Blind Following Premature Birth Wins Right To NHS Compensation

    21st January 2019 by

    Childbirth is a happy event but, if things go wrong and your child is left disabled, you should seek legal advice right away. In a recent case, an 11-year-old girl who was struck blind due to clinical negligence following her premature birth won the right to substantial compensation from the NHS. (more…)

    Family Receives Compensation After Patient Drinks Floor Cleaner

    3rd September 2018 by

    Evidence at the Inquest was heard over 6 days between 10 and 18 September 2018. Evidence was given by 18 witnesses in person from a range of hospital staff, the family and the Police and a further 10 written statements were submitted in evidence.  (more…)

    Secondary Victim’s Compensation Claim Successful for Healys Clients

    3rd September 2018 by

    Jonathan Austen-Jones represented the Claimants, who are the parents of SV, in their claim for damages arising out of the tragic death of their only child, S, who died when he had just turned 3, in King’s College Hospital in September 2013.  No allegations of negligence or criticisms were made regarding the care provided by King’s College Hospital.  (more…)

    Five figure settlement reached for patient suffering nerve damage following tooth extraction

    3rd January 2018 by

    Jonathan Austen-Jones acted on behalf of the Claimant in her action for damages following treatment received under the Defendant dentist’s care at the Oaks Dental Practice which commenced on or about 14 March 2016. (more…)

    5 figure settlement secured after Breach of Duty results in nerve damage

    3rd January 2018 by

    Jonathan Austen-Jones represented the Claimant in her claim for damages arising from the alleged clinical negligence at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton. (more…)

    Patient suffers stroke after long-term medication is discontinued

    3rd January 2018 by

    Jonathan Austen-Jones was instructed to act on behalf of a 75 year old female in relation to her claim for medical negligence against the Hillingdon Hospital. Jonathan’s client suffered a devastating embolic stroke as a result of discontinuing her long term warfarin. (more…)

    Victim of surgery complication receives substantial settlement to pay for future care

    3rd January 2018 by

    Jonathan Austen-Jones was instructed by this 79 year old Claimant in relation to his claim for medical negligence against Worthing Hospital. (more…)

    Hospital settles for six-figure sum after failing to diagnose fatal aneurysm

    3rd January 2018 by

    Healys Medical Negligence team acted on behalf of PF, the partner of Mr. Stephen Palmer, in relation to her own dependency claim brought under the Fatal Accidents Act 1976. The claim was against the Royal Sussex County Hospital. (more…)

    Settlement reached in hospital negligence claim, in spite of time limitation factors

    3rd January 2018 by

    Jonathan Austen-Jones, partner and head of Healys Medical Negligence, was first approached in 2014 to advise the Claimant as to whether he had a claim for medical negligence. (more…)

    Jonathan Austen-Jones – X – v – the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority

    21st January 2016 by

    Jonathan Austen-Jones acted on behalf of the applicant in this case who was the subject of sexual abuse at the hands of his step-father between the ages of about 5 and 7.

    An initial application for compensation pursuant to the 1990 Scheme was made in 1992 and in June 1996 he was awarded £10,000.00 in respect of the abuse he had suffered. This award was clearly too low and it appears that no psychiatric evidence was before the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). (more…)

    Jonathan Austen-Jones – Miss TH – v – Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust

    21st January 2016 by

    Jonathan Austen-Jones acted on behalf of the claimant in her claim for damages for clinical negligence. The claim arose from the tragic loss of her baby’s life as a consequence of the failure of the Defendant Trust, appreciating that baby B had a Group B streptococcus infection at his birth on the night of the 1st January 2009, resulting in baby B’s death at 00.55 hours on the 3rd January 2009. (more…)

    Case Study Eight: Jonathan Austen-Jones – Compensation for a Family after a Fatal Failure in Surgery​

    21st January 2016 by

    Healys Solicitors specialised medical negligence team has helped the family of 71 year old man claim compensation after failure in surgery causes his death.

    In November 1997 Mr R attended his local hospital and was diagnosed with angina.  An angiogram was performed which revealed severe coronary disease with a critical main stem component. (more…)

    Case Study Seven: Jonathan Austen-Jones – Missed opportunity to diagnose caused unnecessary pain for cancer patient

    21st January 2016 by

    Healys Solicitors specialised medical negligence team has helped the husband of 50 year old woman claim compensation after the hospital failed to diagnose her cancer.

    In November 2008 Mrs L attended hospital complaining of pain in her abdomen.  She was discharged from the hospital and asked to seek a GP advice if the symptoms worsened. Unfortunately Mrs L died of thyroid cancer a few months later. (more…)

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    • Jonathan was able to help the husband of a 50 year old woman claim compensation after the hospital failed to diagnose her cancer. Mrs L attended hospital complaining of pain in her abdomen. She was discharged without further tests but unfortunately she died of thyroid cancer a few months later. Jonathan argued that the chance for a liver biopsy was missed during her visit to hospital and although this would not affect the unfortunate outcome, palliative care could have been arranged to ease Mrs L’s suffering. Jonathan was able to secure Mrs L’s husband a five figure sum in compensation.
    • Jonathan has also helped the family of a 71 year old man claim compensation after a complication in his surgery caused his death. Mr R was suffering from chest pains and was admitted to hospital for tests. He was found to have an issue with his heart and doctors attempted to rectify this with a surgical procedure. Unfortunately during this procedure an air pocket had got into one of his blood vessels which caused Mr R’s death. With expert medical evidence Jonathan was able to secure Mr R’s family £75,000 in compensation.
    • Jonathan helped X get further compensation and access to services to aid in his rehabilitation. X was a subject of sexual abuse from his step father between the ages of 5 and 7. Initial application for compensation was made in 1990 and X was awarded £10,000. After several attempts at his own life, X decided to contact Jonathan to seek further compensation. Jonathan was able to secure X £200,000 in compensation and an overall award of £1,200,000 inclusive of state benefits. More importantly Jonathan then arranged the Special Needs Trust to support X’s rehabilitation.
    • Jonathan helped the parents of Baby B claim compensation after a failure in care during labour resulted in Baby B’s death. Initially the Trust denied they were responsible for Baby B’s death but after negotiations the Trust admitted responsibility and Jonathan was able to negotiate an out of court settlement for Baby B’s parents.
    • Caring for a Disabled Child? Financial Support Could Be Accessible

      18th January 2022

      Disabled children bring great joy to their families’ lives but, with an eye to their future care needs, it is always wise to explore the possibility of seeking compensation. In a case on point, a settlement secured for a profoundly disabled teenager successfully ensured that she would always be properly looked after. Continue reading »