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Medical Negligence Claims: Who Is Really At Fault For Them And Should I Claim?

23rd April 2019 by

The Law Society Gazette, the flagship weekly publication of the solicitors representative body, recently ran an article on a report by the National Audit Office (NAO), which revealed that National Health Service waiting lists for elective (pre-planned) treatment and for cancer procedures, had risen from 2.7 million to 4.2 million between March 2013 and November 2018. Quite staggering figures. (more…)

What happens at an Inquest? (And other frequently asked questions)

4th April 2019 by

An Inquest is held when someone has died in certain specific circumstances. Inquests are only held when an investigation is necessary to establish the facts about what the cause of death was, usually when the person died suddenly or in circumstances that remain unexplained. For example, deaths that have occurred as a result of violence, due to unnatural means or as a result of sudden and unknown causes would all necessitate an Inquest taking place. (more…)

Government’s Pausing Of Vaginal Mesh Implant Surgery Has Come Too Late For Far Too Many Women

4th March 2019 by

Victims of botched vaginal mesh surgery are, in increasing numbers, asking specialist surgical mesh implant solicitors to help them make medical negligence compensation claims, after having their lives turned upside down. The government has stopped all vaginal mesh operations pending the outcome of a review. (more…)

Are Dental Negligence Claims At Risk Of Becoming Toothless?

27th February 2019 by

Many people fear a visit to their dentist, but apparently dentists themselves fear an increase in dental negligence claims. This is according to Dental Protection, an indemnity insurance company for dental practices, which surveyed 1,100 dentists and found that 89% of them were ‘increasingly fearful of being sued by patients’. (more…)

Why Are There So Many Instances Of Cancer Misdiagnosis Happening In The UK?

22nd February 2019 by

Statistics provided by Cancer Research UK indicate that on average 360,000 people are diagnosed with cancer every year in the UK. However, an article that appeared in the Independent newspaper in December 2018, revealed the startling finding that 4 out of every 10 people diagnosed with cancer have been misdiagnosed at least once before the disease was identified. (more…)

Closure Can Be As Important As Compensation

14th January 2019 by

For those whose loved ones die as a result of clinical negligence, achieving closure can be as important as obtaining just compensation. That was certainly so in one case in which a woman succeeded in proving that her father’s death was avoidable and was caused by a mistaken decision to send him home from hospital. (more…)

Claiming Compensation For Cauda Equina Syndrome

8th January 2019 by

For sufferers of Cauda Equina Syndrome, failure or delay in diagnosis can have permanent and life-changing consequences. Those who have been misdiagnosed or who have developed the condition as a result of another medical procedure may be able to claim compensation. (more…)

Negligence Victims – Your Needs Can Be Met Sooner Than You Think

3rd January 2019 by

Litigation takes time but, as a High Court case showed, specialist lawyers are more than capable of obtaining interim compensation awards so that negligence victims can have their pressing needs for accommodation and care swiftly met. (more…)

Missed Appendicitis Diagnosis Leads To Complications And Five-Figure Settlement

4th December 2018 by

ER v Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust

Jonathan Austen-Jones represented the Claimant (“ER”), a 53 years old man who was taken by ambulance to the Royal Sussex County Hospital on 4 March 2017 after suffering with abdominal pain over the previous two days.   (more…)

Six-Figure Settlement Secured For Patient Suffering From Cauda Equina Syndrome Following Surgery

4th December 2018 by

RH v Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust

RH sought help and advice from Jonathan Austen-Jones to investigate a potential claim for clinical negligence against the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust following back surgery carried out by one of its orthopaedic and spinal specialists.

Mother Of Disabled Child Ruled A ‘Primary Victim’ Of Hospital Negligence

28th November 2018 by

In order to succeed in a ‘secondary victim’ claim as a result of clinical negligence it is necessary to establish that the claimant suffered psychiatric illness or injury – as opposed to grief, sorrow, deprivation or the need to provide care for the loved one who has suffered the injury – as a result of witnessing a sudden, shocking event. Given the number of hurdles a claimant has to clear to show that the many tests have been met, there have been very few successful claims to date. (more…)

Family Receives Compensation After Patient Drinks Floor Cleaner

3rd September 2018 by

Evidence at the Inquest was heard over 6 days between 10 and 18 September 2018. Evidence was given by 18 witnesses in person from a range of hospital staff, the family and the Police and a further 10 written statements were submitted in evidence.  (more…)

Secondary Victim’s compensation claim successful for parents of child who died as a result of undiagnosed bacterial meningitis

3rd September 2018 by

Jonathan Austen-Jones represented the Claimants, who are the parents of SV, in their claim for damages arising out of the tragic death of their only child, S, who died when he had just turned 3, in King’s College Hospital in September 2013.  No allegations of negligence or criticisms were made regarding the care provided by King’s College Hospital.  (more…)

Five figure settlement reached for patient suffering nerve damage following tooth extraction

3rd January 2018 by

Jonathan Austen-Jones acted on behalf of the Claimant in her action for damages following treatment received under the Defendant dentist’s care at the Oaks Dental Practice which commenced on or about 14 March 2016. (more…)

£75,000 compensation for family of man who died during heart surgery

3rd January 2018 by

Healys Solicitors specialised medical negligence team has helped the family of a 71 year old man claim compensation after failure in surgery caused his death. (more…)

5 Figure compensation secured in undiagnosed cancer case

3rd January 2018 by

Healys Solicitors’ specialised medical negligence team has helped the husband of a 50 year old woman claim compensation after the hospital failed to diagnose her cancer. (more…)

5 figure settlement secured after Breach of Duty results in nerve damage

3rd January 2018 by

Jonathan Austen-Jones represented the Claimant in her claim for damages arising from the alleged clinical negligence at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton. (more…)

Patient suffers stroke after long-term medication is discontinued

3rd January 2018 by

Jonathan was instructed to act on behalf of a 75 year old female in relation to her claim for medical negligence against the Hillingdon Hospital. Jonathan’s client suffered a devastating embolic stroke as a result of discontinuing her long term warfarin. (more…)

Victim of surgery complication receives substantial settlement to pay for future care

3rd January 2018 by

Jonathan was instructed by this 79 year old Claimant in relation to his claim for medical negligence against Worthing Hospital. (more…)

Hospital settles for six-figure sum after failing to diagnose fatal aneurysm

3rd January 2018 by

Jonathan acted on behalf of PF, the partner of Mr. Stephen Palmer, in relation to her own dependency claim brought under the Fatal Accidents Act 1976. The claim was against the Royal Sussex County Hospital. (more…)

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  • Jonathan was able to help the husband of a 50 year old woman claim compensation after the hospital failed to diagnose her cancer. Mrs L attended hospital complaining of pain in her abdomen. She was discharged without further tests but unfortunately she died of thyroid cancer a few months later. Jonathan argued that the chance for a liver biopsy was missed during her visit to hospital and although this would not affect the unfortunate outcome, palliative care could have been arranged to ease Mrs L’s suffering. Jonathan was able to secure Mrs L’s husband a five figure sum in compensation.
  • Jonathan has also helped the family of a 71 year old man claim compensation after a complication in his surgery caused his death. Mr R was suffering from chest pains and was admitted to hospital for tests. He was found to have an issue with his heart and doctors attempted to rectify this with a surgical procedure. Unfortunately during this procedure an air pocket had got into one of his blood vessels which caused Mr R’s death. With expert medical evidence Jonathan was able to secure Mr R’s family £75,000 in compensation.
  • Jonathan helped X get further compensation and access to services to aid in his rehabilitation. X was a subject of sexual abuse from his step father between the ages of 5 and 7. Initial application for compensation was made in 1990 and X was awarded £10,000. After several attempts at his own life, X decided to contact Jonathan to seek further compensation. Jonathan was able to secure X £200,000 in compensation and an overall award of £1,200,000 inclusive of state benefits. More importantly Jonathan then arranged the Special Needs Trust to support X’s rehabilitation.
  • Jonathan helped the parents of Baby B claim compensation after a failure in care during labour resulted in Baby B’s death. Initially the Trust denied they were responsible for Baby B’s death but after negotiations the Trust admitted responsibility and Jonathan was able to negotiate an out of court settlement for Baby B’s parents.
  • Homeowner Harassed By Angry Neighbour Wins Substantial Damages

    19th February 2019

    Everyone has a right to complain about their neighbours’ behaviour, but where such complaints are unjustified and take the form of harassment the consequences can be severe. In one such case, a flat dweller who made a fellow resident’s life a misery was ordered to pay him almost £100,000 in damages. Continue reading »

  • The Government Considers Radical Cycling Awareness Campaign

    23rd November 2018

    A radical proposal for cycling awareness has been unveiled by the government. The plans include a series of measures to improve safety for vulnerable road users, and to encourage and support cycling. The aim is to reduce the significant number of serious and fatal accidents suffered by cyclists. Continue reading »