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Cycling Accident Claims for London Couriers
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    The job of a cycle courier in London is a tough one, and poses its own unique set of challenges.

    Navigating the busy roads of Central and Greater London on two wheels is not for the faint-hearted.

    Cycle Couriers in London

    Whilst there are many dangers in working as a cycle courier, there are also advantages.

    For the health-conscious among us who love to be physically active, working as a courier is a great alternative to a desk job.

    Being able to exercise on the job is something few in London can claim of their employment.

    Much like cabbies and bus drivers, cycle courier’s knowledge of the city is second to none; quickly establishing shortcuts through rush hour traffic and where to get the best coffee to go.

    Working on London’s Busy Roads

    Despite the advantages of the job, it stands to reason that London cycle couriers are more at risk of being involved in a cycling accident due to the length of time they spend on the road.

    London traffic is frantic. Often couriers are rushing to get from one drop-off to another and travel at high speed and, given the nature of British weather, a London courier is likely to be battling the elements throughout his or her shift, as well as the buses and lorries.

    Cycling at high speed in wet or windy conditions adds to the dangers of an already high-risk job.

    Ensuring good quality maintenance of a cycle and wearing protective, high-visibility clothing should reduce chances of injury; however, cyclists cannot always account for the behaviour of other road users.

    Contact Cycling Injury Claims Solicitors London & Brighton

    If you feel you are in a position to make a cycling accident claim in London, Healys LPP is perfectly situated to provide legal advice and support.

    Our first-class solicitors could help you to secure a beneficial settlement should you suffer personal injury as a result of third party negligence on the roads.

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