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Types of Cycling Accidents
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    Healys LPP has a specialist team of medical negligence solicitors who bring their experience and expertise to fatal bicycle accident claims. Our aim is maximum compensation for claimants while providing a sensitive and innovative legal service. On this page, we will discuss the different types of accidents you may be liable to claim for.

    Fatal Injuries

    Any of the following may be entitled to compensation under the terms of fatal injury claim law:

    • A spouse or a former spouse
    • A civil partner or former civil partner
    • A cohabitee (if he or she had lived with the deceased for at least two years)
    • A parent of the deceased
    • A child or other descendant
    • A child who was treated as blood offspring

    Types of non-fault cycling accidents

    Motorist emerging into path of cyclist

    This is one of the most common types of motor vehicle-pedal cycle collisions. Typically, it will involve a car, bus, van, or lorry pulling out from a side road or junction into the path of an oncoming bicycle.

    Motorist turning across path of cyclist

    Sometimes, whether the bicycle is travelling in a cycle lane or across a junction, inattentive motorists fail to see them and turn into their paths. The results can be devastating.

    Car door collisions

    This is a situation every cyclist dreads. The carelessness of drivers or passengers in opening doors without checking for oncoming cyclists leads to deaths and serious injuries every year. Unfortunately for cyclists, some roads are too narrow for them to avoid such a collision by riding a sheer course around the potential car door hazard. As with the previous two types of collision, it is likely that anyone injured by a car door will be able to claim bicycle accident compensation.

    Types of Road Surface Cycling Accidents

    In some cases, a damaged road surface or cycleway may be the cause of an accident and subsequent injuries. Claims in these instances may be complex and difficult – however, with the guidance of a first-class medical negligence solicitor, success can be achieved.

    Cycle lanes

    Bicycle lanes are designed specifically for use by cyclists. As such, it is only reasonable to expect that they will actually be safe to use. In the event that potholes, drainage problems, or any other hazard have led to you sustaining injury while travelling in a cycle lane, talk to our bicycle accident claims team today.

    Uneven road surface

    Large potholes and cracks in the road can be very hazardous to cyclists, particularly when there is motorised traffic nearby. If you have incurred injury in circumstances attributable to poor road surface, the cycling accident injury solicitors at Healys LPP can help you determine the best course of action.

    Hazardous cycling surface in parks

    Many parks around the UK permit and encourage cycling. However, in the event that a cycling road surface has been inadequately maintained and you have sustained injury as a result, it may be possible to claim damages.

    London Bicycle Accidents

    London is a busy city, and cycling on its roads can be hazardous. Hundreds of bike riders are involved in collisions in and around the capital every year, and some of these suffer life-changing long-term injuries. Furthermore, there are many others who sadly die as a result of a road traffic accident.

    If you have been involved in a bike accident and believe you may be entitled to compensation, contact our London-based team of expert solicitors for help.

    We have helped many claimants in London receive settlements which have helped them recoup lost earnings, pay for medical treatment, purchase specialist medical equipment for their home, and generally improved their quality of life.

    Rural Road Accidents

    Cycling on inner city roads and dual carriageways is often fraught with danger for cyclists but many underestimate the risks that rural roads can also pose. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents estimates that roughly half of all fatal cycling accidents occur on country roads.

    Cycling hotspots such as the Surrey Hills, and rural roads in general, can be dangerous for cyclists largely due to other vehicles on the highway.

    Small volumes of traffic can lead to vehicle owners driving faster than is safe for the contours of the road. Sharp turns and blind bends on rural lanes, combined with narrow roads often reducing down to one lane, can lead to dangerous attempts to overtake other road users of a failure to spot a cyclist before it is too late to avoid a collision.


    Although there could be a variety of reasons for a cycling accident, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), states that motorists failing to observe the road around them properly is the most common contributing factor in collisions involving cyclists and other vehicles.

    In fact, the organisation states that motorist failure to look properly is the cause of around 57% of serious cycling accidents. According to the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), when these types of incidents occur, a rider may hear the phrase: “sorry mate, I didn’t see you”. As a result, these incidents are sometimes known as SMIDSYs.

    In the event a rider suffers a non-fault SMIDSY accident, they may be entitled to receive damages through a cycling accident claim. Although saying sorry may be an important matter of principle, the repercussions of a traffic accident may require more than just a simple apology. If a cyclist suffers personal injury during a collision which was not their fault, he or she may be entitled to recoup any lost earnings and medical bills.

    Healys LPP can help clients do this while also ensuring any sums needed to provide compensation for reduced quality of life.

    Child Cyclist Accident Claims

    Cycling injuries can be particularly traumatic if they happen in childhood. In fact, around one-quarter of all bicycle accident injuries are sustained by children.

    Although many of these injuries are attributable to the inexperience or poor decision-making of children, a significant number are caused by the drivers of cars, including taxis.

    Our team have the specialist knowledge and sensitivity to deal with claims for child injuries. Contact us today to find out more.


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