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    At Healys we know that where possible, families like to leave an inheritance for their children and are opposed to the possibility of almost the entirety of their hard-earned assets being used to fund care fees which could otherwise be paid for by the Council. It is a known fact that self-funding individuals will often pay far more towards their care than effectively subsidised Council-paid residents when the care level is exactly the same.

    At Healys we have professionals with personal experience working at the County Council and who are able to give the best advice as to how the Adult Social Care System works and how the financial assessments for care fees are undertaken.

    We are aware that not everyone understands the Adult Social Care System or the rules applied to care fee assessments, and need assistance in this respect. There are often various assets that can be disregarded for care fee purposes if the right questions are asked and the correct information given. Further, often assets are sold with a view to making an estate simpler later, but which then results in the resident becoming liable for care fees because they have redeemed a previously disregarded asset. Attention should be given as to how you deal with your assets if it is likely you may enter into a care home in the future, and also as to how you structure your Will and estate to ensure that your estate is protected from care fees on your death or the death of a partner or spouse.

    How Can Healys Help?

    At Healys we have solicitors who have a wealth of experience in this area and who can guide you to ensure that as much of your hard-earned income is kept for your loved ones rather than used to pay care fees which would otherwise be paid by the Council.

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