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17th January 2015 by

Purchasing a property is one of the biggest financial outgoings people undertake in their lives. Nevertheless, in 2014 buying a home was still more popular than renting, with almost 70% of people in the UK owning their home.

There has been a dip in house purchases – the economic downturn affected many industries as well as the housing market – but thankfully things appeared to be recovering.

However, The Law Society stated that as more people began to buy homes again, the incidence of professional negligence on the part of conveyancing solicitors seemed to also be on the up.

The authority revealed that it had received an increased number of complaints about these types of lawyers, and that it was actually the most complained about area of law at that time.

The statistics

In 2012-13 there had been around 1,200 complaints made about residential conveyancers, but in the next financial year the figure rose to 1,500.

In fact, the Law Society’s figures showed that one in five of all grievances it received from consumers related to lawyers working in the residential conveyancing sector.

The authority had helped many people claim compensation after they had been left out of pocket by solicitors who had cut corners and provided a poor level of service. More than £800,000 had been received by claimants in total.

Case study

One married couple had a nasty surprise when they were contacted by HM Revenue & Customs and told they owed £15,000 in stamp duty plus interest.

They had given their lawyer the stamp duty so that he could pay it on their behalf as part of his services, but this transaction was not completed by the firm and the couple were not warned.

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