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Dispute Resolution is a process used to settle a disagreement between parties using a method of alternative resolution or by going to court. Dispute resolution can be achieved in a number of ways, and will often involve negotiation between the parties with the aim of reaching a consensus and avoiding costly and lengthy court battles.

Our expert dispute resolution lawyers have years of knowledge and an excellent track record in:

Pre-Action Discussion

This is the first stage of dispute resolution, where the parties will seek resolution before proceedings commence. During pre-action discussions, the legal representatives of each party will enter into correspondence and negotiation with the other side in an attempt to resolve the conflict. We will work closely with you to set out the case and come to a solution at the earliest opportunity. 

Alternative Dispute Resolution

If the matter can't be resolved through a pre-action discussion, alternative dispute resolution may be required to help parties find a solution before resorting to legal action. The main types of alternative dispute resolution are:

  • Mediation – a third party facilitating a resolution;
  • Arbitration – a third party deciding the dispute;
  • Early neutral evaluation – a third party giving an informed opinion on the dispute;
  • Adjudication – a process by which an independent adjudicator provides the parties with a decision that can resolve the dispute either permanently or on a temporary basis, pending subsequent court determination; and
  • Ombudsman schemes.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

This will always be our last port of call, and our legal team has an excellent track record of resolving disputes quickly and cost-effectively before they reach the court. However, if alternative resolution methods have not been successful and litigation becomes necessary, our lawyers will be ready to fight your corner and achieve the best possible outcome for you.  

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How We Can Help

Commercial disputes are becoming increasingly common, but with our help, you can have the correct legal expertise on your side to minimise their potential impact. Healys has years of experience in resolving disputes across various industries, so we know the challenges and implications involved. 

Our approach to working with you is flexible, adaptable, and tailored to your needs. Our trusted dispute resolution lawyers will work closely with you to devise the most cost-effective and efficient strategy. We always work to protect our client's interests and aim to save time, money and stress wherever possible.

Recommended by Legal 500, Chambers & Partners and Spears 500

Healys is accredited by the Legal 500 as a Leading Firm in Dispute Resolution and Commercial Litigation; with partners David Bailey (Head of Dispute Resolution), Nicholas Taylor and Robert Johnson individually accredited as Recommended Lawyers.

David Bailey and Robert Johnson are both named as Top Recommended Litigators in the Spears 500 guide to the best private client advisors, with Robert Johnson additionally accredited by Chambers & Partners as a Leading Individual.

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Healys lawyers don’t believe in legal jargon, but rather in having straightforward, open discussions, updating you every step of the way on the progress of your case.

Our Dispute Resolution team are able to offer practical and commercial advice, tailored to each individual client. Whether by litigation, negotiation or alternative dispute resolution, our aim is always to resolve disputes to the client’s satisfaction in as cost-effective and efficient a way as possible.

For more advice regarding Dispute Resolution & Litigation, please don’t hesitate to contact our specialist team today.

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