Commercial sites near residential properties

19th January 2015 by

One of the many useful checks a Healys London or Brighton solicitor for conveyancing can perform is to see whether any commercial buildings are set to be built near a potential buyer’s new home. Furthermore, we can check whether or not a firm could seek planning permission to build in the area.

Many houses in urbanised parts of the UK are not far from commercial sites, and increasingly countryside properties are not too distant from the nearest business. However, being positioned too close to a shopping centre, bowling alley, petrol station, of other non-residential development, could reduce the value of a home, and change the feel of the property for its residents.

Commercial too close to residential

In May 2013 a news article on the BBC’s website reported that the inhabitants of a Cambridgeshire town were unhappy with the new fast food restaurant which had been built nearby.

This was due to a large sign for the restaurant being positioned in such a way that they could see the fast food company’s emblem through most of the windows of their properties.

The sign, which was seven metres high, and was lit up at night, caused residents to complain to Fenland District Council, but the council stated that the advert adhered to the planning application and therefore the authority would be taking no further action.

Nevertheless, the fast food restaurant stated, “We apologise for any misunderstanding as we always strive to be a positive addition to the community”. The spokesperson also said that the company would be looking into the case.

One man who lived near the large sign said that despite not wanting to move from the village himself, he was concerned that the prices of the homes near the fast food advert could be significantly reduced if anyone wished to sell their property.

Contacting a London or Brighton solicitor for conveyancing

Our conveyancing solicitors in Brighton and London could help make sure that there are no unwelcome surprises waiting for you when you move into your new home.

Serving the whole of the UK, our experienced and professional residential conveyancing lawyers could warn you of an impending commercial development near the property you wish to purchase, and gather other important information that could stop you from making a costly mistake.

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