Don’t panic-buy a home

19th January 2015 by

A great number of people want to live in Brighton and Hove. A city filled with culture, history, wonderful architecture, music, and inspiring sea views, it’s easy to see why.

Unfortunately, this can mean that there is staunch competition when a house or flat becomes available to buy. However the Healys house purchase solicitors in Brighton are always helping people move into or around the Brighton area, and could help you too.

If you have not purchased your first home yet, you might not be aware of the panic you can be filled with when you find your ideal property. As well as being thrilled to be stood in a building you can see yourself living in, you can also suddenly feel like signing papers immediately so that no-one else buys the place before you.

However, it is important not to rush into purchasing a property before all the necessary checks have been made. Is the structure secure? Has the electricity been installed correctly? Will you have right of way to your front door? Is there an infestation of Japanese Knotweed in the garden?

These questions, and many others, all need answering before you decide to hand over your money – otherwise you could find that you’ve made an expensive mistake.

Contacting house purchase solicitors in Brighton

The expert residential conveyancing solicitors, based in our Brighton offices not far from the Royal Pavilion, are ready to offer you their services so that you can purchase your home with peace of mind.

Our team, along with all the professional people we have connections with in the area, can make sure that the home you want to buy isn’t going to cause you legal or financial problems.

You can contact us to speak with one of our solicitors about the services we offer but, as an example, we can help with things such as checking the property is being set at an appropriate price for what you’re getting, and that it can in fact legally be sold by the person offering it up for sale.

For more information about our house purchase solicitor services, please phone or email us today.