Engineer and architect professional negligence – materials and procedures

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Engineers and architects are specialists in the fields of building design and construction. As such when we instruct an engineer or architect to carry out work on a commercial or residential project, we expect the level of skill in their area of expertise to be vastly superior to that of a layperson or non-specialist. Furthermore, we expect that when negligence occurs, and we sustain financial loss as a result, we should have recourse to some form of damages to cover against our losses.

Materials and procedures

Architects, engineers, and construction professionals work in a dynamic and continually evolving environment. Clients have the entirely reasonable expectation that these professionals will keep up to date with changes in technologies, legislation, and processes as they occur.

Because of this, clients have the right to claim engineer and architect professional negligence compensation in the event that these experts use harmful materials such as asbestos or excessively toxic chemicals such as polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) throughout the course of their work.

Furthermore, where professionals use untested or unproven materials in the course of building construction work without informing clients of the level of risk involved, there may be recourse to compensation in the event that the new materials prove hazardous or unreliable and cause financial loss. The same applies to the hiring of third parties – where architects or engineers recommend these groups and receive a retainer for doing so, it may be possible to launch claims for negligence against either party for any resultant financial loss.

Of course, architects and engineers are required to innovate, it is part of what they do. However, innovation is no excuse for recklessness – it is perfectly possible to be both creative and at the forefront of new frontiers while also being careful. Responsible architects and engineers test their processes with reasonable care to ensure that they are safe and, ultimately, satisfying to the client.

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