Engineer negligence claims – Questions to consider

30th January 2015 by

Any decision to proceed with an engineer negligence claim should only be taken after careful consideration of the facts. This will include an assessment of the following questions:

Significant financial loss

Although the incident of alleged negligence might have caused you stress and inconvenience, for any engineer negligence claim to proceed with assurance and purpose, in all but the most exceptional cases it must be necessary to also prove financial loss.

Furthermore, in order to make the process of claiming worthwhile, it must be demonstrably significant financial loss, not merely a matter of a few hundred pounds, however limited your cash flow might be.

Significant financial loss can be manifest in several ways, from structural failure, costly delays to the need for significant corrective or remedial work.

Duty of care or breach of contract

Proving breach of duty or breach of contract may be straightforward providing that negligence can be proven and there are clear ways of understanding either the terms of the contract or the inherent terms of the client-engineer relationship.

The likely assessment of an independent expert witness

The independent testimony of an expert witness is likely to be crucial to the determining issues of liability and compensation in an engineer negligence claim.

An expert witness will have to consider the question of whether the engineer’s work reached a level considered adequate and in keeping with that of a typical and competent professional engineer.

The suitability of your lawyer

Your professional negligence lawyer should have experience and expertise relevant to your claim, as not all engineer negligence claims are the same. Healys LLP has specialist knowledge of claims relating to the following types of engineer:

  • Structural Engineers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Chemical Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers

Professional negligence lawyers

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