Insurance broker and financial adviser negligence claims

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In a free market society, carefully chosen financial products are what many of us rely on to secure suitable reward for all the hard work and prudence of our lives. As such, when financial advisers or insurance brokers mis-sell, misrepresent, or carelessly advise in relation to these products, the damage wrought can be significant.

If you have sustained financial loss of £10,000 or more as a result of negligent actions of a financial adviser or insurance broker, it may be worth instructing a solicitor to pursue a claim for professional negligence.

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Why claim?

The free market presents us with a system of speculation, investment and reward. This means that we have to be careful about what we do with our money and assets. Fortunately, there are specialist financial advisers and insurance brokers to help ensure a suitable level of financial security for individual investors.

There is though a wide range of choices when it comes to investing in financial products and, to help us negotiate this choice, we rely on professionals to help us make informed decisions.

Sadly, not all advice is up to a reasonable standard. If this is the case and financial loss is sustained, it may be possible to secure some form of remedy for this loss.

Healys LLP, professional negligence lawyers, has an outstanding track record of ensuring compensation in cases of financial professional negligence – we have specialists in both IFA and insurance broker negligence claims.

We can assist with claims for the following:

  • Mis-sold mortgages and other financial products
  • Mis-sold insurance
  • Mis-sold interest rate swap agreements
  • Mis-sold loans
  • Unsuitable investment advice
  • Failure to disclose information

Healys LLP financial advice and insurance broker negligence claims

Healys LLP can help you secure the maximum sum possible for any significant loss caused by the actions of an insurance broker or financial adviser. Use one of the contact options listed on this page to speak with one of our professional negligence lawyers.