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Over the past decade all professionals have come to rely, to more or lesser extent, on electronic and online technologies for the function of their businesses. As such, many hold vital personal and financial data about clients electronically, online or both. In the event that a professional, whether a lawyer, an architect, an IFA, or indeed any other professional is negligent in protecting your vital information and you, as a result, suffer financial loss, it is your right to instruct a professional negligence solicitor to pursue a claim for compensation.

Data storage

Bank details and other financial and personal information can be stored in many possible places, from laptops and desktop computers, to smartphones, tablets, memory sticks and compact discs.

Furthermore, many professionals correspond using emails, text messages and video conference calls. If, at any time during the course of the above types of storage or correspondence, a client’s information is compromised and he or she goes on to sustain financial loss, a professional negligence solicitor may be able to help in the mounting of a claim for compensation.

A new frontier

Despite the fact that electronic and online technologies have become increasingly prevalent since the 1980s, it is only since the explosion of the internet that the landscape for professional business has irrevocably changed.

Legislators and regulators are continually responding to the changing landscape of this new frontier, while companies such as banks and other financial institutions have had to take out liability insurance to cover against the cost of their potential online negligence causing financial loss to customers or clients.

Firms have a responsibility to ensure that all sensitive data is adequately protected from loss or theft, or risk of such. This though does not mean that there are not errors – the study UK Cost of a Data Breach reported that 61 percent of all data breaches occur as a result of negligence or systems failure.

The Data Protection Act

The Data Protection Act 1998 is the major instrument in protecting clients and customers from data breaches.

Healys LLP professional negligence team

Here at Healys we always seek to encourage early, advantageous and, where possible, amicable settlement of negligence claims.

However, in cases where this is not possible, we are prepared to take robust action and to conclude a dispute with determination all the way through to a positive resolution.

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