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There are times in our lives where we entrust certain professionals such as accountants, architects, bankers, construction professionals, financial advisors, lawyers, or surveyors with the performance of certain important tasks. We do this because we believe in the value of their expertise and their qualifications.

But professionals are not infallible and they sometimes make mistakes and, on rare occasions, the mistakes that they make are so unacceptable that they constitute professional negligence, whether through action or inaction.

Healys LLP professional negligence claim specialists in London possess a broad range of experience to help you ensure that any negligent party which has caused you financial loss is found liable and ordered to pay you a suitable amount of compensation.

However, there are some cases in which we cannot help, so it is worth considering the following before commencing action:

How significant is the financial loss?

However distressing and unjust it might be if a professional’s actions have led to you sustaining financial loss worth several hundred pounds, it is unlikely that there will be much in the way of cost-benefit in pursuing litigation in these circumstances.

For your case to be worth pursuing, your financial loss should, ideally, be worth at least several thousand pounds.

Was your financial loss caused by the act of negligence?

You might have been in receipt of negligent advice or service and at the same time sustained financial loss as a result of other factors.

In order to pursue litigation, your financial loss must have occurred as a direct consequence of the negligence – furthermore, this must be provable.

Your claim must be reasonable

Although you might think that this goes without saying, it is worth bearing in mind that professional negligence solicitors are not unfamiliar with unreasonable claims.

For example, in 2014 it was revealed that a British woman had tried to make a professional negligence claim in London against her former divorce lawyers, alleging that they failed to advise her that bringing divorce proceedings would end her marriage. She argued that her divorce solicitors had failed to take full account of the implications of her Roman Catholic faith and should have advised her that it would be better to seek a judicial separation.

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If you believe that a professional such as a solicitor, engineer, or accountant breached their duty of care to you, the client, and you have sustained financial loss as a result, contact Healys LLP professional negligence claims team in London for information about securing suitable redress.