Professional negligence claims for breach of vital information

31st January 2015 by

It is often said that we live in a “knowledge economy”. This is an economy where information is prized above all other things. It is also an economy where if information falls into the wrong hands, severe financial loss can occur. If you have suffered monetary loss as a result of a data breach and would like to claim compensation for this loss, talk to Healys LLP about making a data breach professional negligence claim today.

Where we stand

A 2013 report which was carried out by The Ponemon Institute in conjunction with Symantec found that data breaches were costing organisations millions of pounds a year – however, it is worth noting that the report failed to take into account many types of fraud and mishandling of information, so the true cost is likely to be much higher.

The report found that professional negligence was the single biggest cause of breaches, accounting for 37 percent of all instances. However, malicious attacks were not far behind, accounting for 31-34 percent of cases.

“When it does happen [a malicious breach], it’s far more costly. The report has shown that there are certain factors that influence the cost of a breach so there are things businesses can do to in advance to reduce the impact on the organisation; from educating and training employees on how to handle confidential information, to having a proper incident response plan in place,” said a study author.

Fortunately, it was noted that organisations had responded to the level of threat by introducing many important security measures, including the appointment of chief information security officers – without such efforts it is likely that the cost of data breaches would have been far higher.

Professional negligence lawyers in Brighton and London

Healys LLP Brighton and London professional negligence lawyers always seek to ensure early and amicable settlement where possible. However, we are an experienced firm of litigators and will take cases through the courts where necessary and where it is in the best interests of the client.

If you would like to claim for professional negligence, whether for a breach of your financial or banking data or some other substandard service which has caused you financial loss, talk to us today for more information about your rights.