Norovirus food poisoning outbreak at Exeter restaurant leads to more than 100 becoming ill. At least one of those affected is looking to claim compensation.

24th February 2015 by

A food poisoning outbreak at a restaurant and hotel in Exeter, Devon has resulted in more than 100 people falling ill with the stomach bug norovirus.

The outbreak, which began at a popular Toby Carvery restaurant in Exeter, occurred over the Easter period and led to the immediate temporary closure of the outlet. However, the adjoining hotel has been criticised for failing to take similar action.

In fact, rather than closing, the adjoining hotel cleaned its premises then hosted a number of Easter parties, including one being held by the local Cat Protection League; shortly afterwards, all became ill with norovirus.

It is reported that on Good Friday only two of the Cat Protection volunteers were well enough to go to work, leaving the 80 or so cats at the charity’s Exeter branch short of care.

“Everyone who went to the meal was affected, and some are still recovering,” commented the manager of the Exeter branch of the charity.

“The first person rang in sick last Thursday, and then everyone else was sick.

It has been reported that at least one member of staff from the charity has instructed a personal injury solicitor to make a food poisoning claim.

“One of our group had recently given birth and was breastfeeding, and we were worried that she would pass it on to her baby – then you could be talking about a fatality. I think it’s got to be down to poor hygiene or bad training on their part,” said the claimant.

“We have contacted a personal injury lawyer, because of the attitude towards us, as they are not willing to accept any responsibility whatsoever.”
Environmental Health has said that it is “currently working with Public Health England and the owners of the (Toby Carvery and hotel) premises and investigations are ongoing”.
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