Compensation call for Brighton to London commuters

22nd March 2015 by

It may not give rise to a raft of professional negligence claims from Brighton to London commuters, but it’s a fair bet that many of those affected might fantasise about the benefits of litigation during the idle hours they have to endure during their delayed rail commutes between the two cities.

Yes, it’s none other than the protracted fallout from the mismanaged £500 redevelopment of London Bridge railway station – one of the most important commuter hubs for residents of Brighton.

Recent months have seen the many lawyers, bankers, creatives and other professionals who make the daily Brighton to London commute frustrated by delayed and cancelled services, overcrowding and generalised confusion; and with the new platforms, concourse and passenger facilities not set for completion until 2018 there are fears that the saga could run on and on.

Despite the fact that the minimal level of financial loss caused directly by the problems is likely to make professional negligence claims from the Brighton commuters unviable, there is still plenty of talk of compensation, with Labour MPs calling on Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin to launch a “significant” fund for those affected.

There are certainly plenty of accusations of negligence: the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union has said that badly installed track and signalling layout, corner-cutting and other failures will result will result in “continuing chaos”.

“The catalogue of faults identified by our reps is breathtaking and, alongside the abject failure to listen to our members who understand how a railway works, shows that the continuing chaos and overcrowding was entirely predictable,’ an RMT spokesperson told The Argus.

Unfortunately, there is likely to be little cost-benefit in claiming for delays and inconvenience caused to you has a commuter; however, if you would like to make a professional negligence claim in Brighton for financial loss caused you by a professional such as a construction contractor, architect, lawyer or accountant, find out more with Healys LLP today.