High Court strikes out vexatious litigant’s claims

20th July 2015 by

As with every other area of the law, in the specialism of professional negligence litigation it is sometimes possible for the vexatious litigant to rear its head.

The truth of the above statement was recently underlined at the High Court where a judge issued a civil restraint order against a retired solicitor and her 88-year-old mother. The move came following numerous instances of vexatious professional negligence litigation being taken out by the woman and her mother.

The former solicitor, who was once a conveyancing solicitor in London, set about a number of solicitor negligence claims before being struck off in 2009 for dishonesty. Once such claim, against a property solicitor, was described by a judge “as totally without merit”.

Following the failure of this claim, the woman then attempted to pursue allegations against five other lawyer and solicitor firms; in total, the mother daughter-pair made claims against 16 different defendants; all were struck out.

According to the judge, the claims were characterised by “increasingly intemperate language”.

The woman did not instruct a lawyer. Representing herself she said that she was a “victim”. Furthermore, she appeared incredulous at the number of rulings against her, saying that she was “quite satisfied that no person since October 2007 had made a valid judgment or understood matters properly”.

“The behaviour is very much that of a vexatious litigant,” said the judge in reaching his conclusion on the woman’s professional negligence litigation.
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