Property professional negligence claims beset the capital

8th August 2015 by

Bircham Dyson Bell, a London-based law firm that “provides creative, practical and cost effective solutions”, has instructed RPC to fight its corner in a property professional negligence claim brought by Harding Homes.

Although precise details of the property professional negligence claim remain undisclosed at the early hearing stage, Harding Homes styles itself as a property company that specialises in “fast buying” of properties from people who are in danger of having their houses repossessed, usually because of acute financial difficulty.

The claim is just one of many property professional negligence claims to hit solicitor firms in London in recent months. For example, in June legal firm Gateley’s instructed solicitors to defend a claim being brought by the developer Empirical Property Group while in the same month Bird & Bird lost a £1.8 million negligence claim made in relation to Elisabeth Murdoch’s home.
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