Always follow correct procedure

13th August 2015 by

One thing that professional negligence solicitors must do if they are to avoid potential liability for professional negligence claims is to follow the correct protocols.

Yes, even professional negligence lawyers sometimes come a cropper themselves and if protocols are not followed they risk incurring cost penalties or having cases thrown out before they are even able to reach court.

Fortunately, for any professional negligence lawyer worth his or her salt, the procedures are clearly laid out in the various pre-action protocols which were introduced by the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) of 1998.

For example, it is essential that claimants and/or their lawyers have early, direct correspondence with the allegedly negligent professional. This correspondence should include the Letter of Claim, which includes details of the claim and its apparent legal and factual justification. Furthermore, it should include a chronological summary of the case and details of what, if any, experts have been appointed to provide testimony.

However, it is, fortunately, not only incumbent on claimants and their solicitors to prove they have taken steps to meet the various criteria of the pre-action protocols; defendants must acknowledge receipt of the letter within 21 days and must, within three months, take steps to suitably investigate.

Only after these steps have been taken is it possible for a case to go to court – unless, of course, it has already been resolved at the pre-action stage.

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