Couple Awarded £50,000 After Negligence By Their Building Surveyor

1st January 2017 by

While in the process of buying their new home, our clients contacted Property Survey Company in order to complete the required checks on their potential new property.  The Property Survey Company completed all the checks and informed our clients that no defects were found. 

Unfortunately after purchasing the property our clients noticed a number of defects in the property and after getting a second opinion it was found that the original survey was incorrect.

They decided to contact Robert Johnson and Healys’ Professional negligence team in order to make a claim.

The outcome of the case

The team was able to successfully make claim against the property surveyor as they failed to provide our clients with the survey they asked for but also they failed to identify certain defects in the property.  Robert and the team were able to secure £50,000 in compensation for our clients in an out of court settlement.