Victim of surgery complication receives substantial settlement to pay for future care

3rd January 2018 by

Jonathan Austen-Jones was instructed by this 79 year old Claimant in relation to his claim for medical negligence against Worthing Hospital.

In March 2013 the Claimant was admitted to the Hospital with symptoms of acute pancreatitis.

GS underwent an ultrasound guided drainage the following month as his condition had deteriorated. During the ultra sound procedure, the Consultant Interventional Radiologist perforated the Claimant’s left colon which we argued was negligent.

This resulted in the Claimant suffering a significant (near fatal) deterioration in his condition, including peritonitis and necessitated him undergoing an emergency laparotomy and leaving GS with a permanent colostomy.

GS’s mobility, independence and quality of life were very much reduced leaving the Claimant reliant on his wife for much of his care, including management of his colostomy.

Although the Hospital’s solicitors initially denied that the procedure had been carried out negligently, arguing that perforation of the left colon was a recognised complication of the procedure, after Court action against the Hospital was started Jonathan managed to reach an amicable settlement with the Hospital’s solicitors for a substantial sum which should help his client to pay for professional care.