Electrician injured at work claims compensation

21st January 2019 by

Healys Solicitors specialised personal injury team has helped a man claim compensation after he was injured in work.

Mr H was employed as an electrician at the electricity substation at Finchley Road tube station. As Mr H was going about his daily routine he failed to notice that the concrete surface of the yard was damaged.  Mr H caught his foot in the hole and tripped and fell strongly onto his knee.

Mr H was rushed to hospital where he was diagnosed with an ACL tear and damage to the cartilage to his right knee.  Mr H later had surgery to fix the problems and had to be off work for 10 months to aid in his recovery.

The outcome of the case

Mr H decided to contact Healys Solicitors specialised personal injury team were able to deal with his claim.  Our team secured expert medical evidence to help in the claim.  Although there was difficulty in finding out who was responsible for the accident our solicitors were able to negotiate Mr H £27,000 compensation in an out of court settlement.

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