Private Landlords May No Longer Be Able To Evict Tenants

15th April 2019 by

The Government has today opened a consultation process over its proposal to scrap the right of private landlords to evict their tenants using the ‘no-fault’ eviction process, which if passed could in effect create open-ended tenancies and make it far more difficult for landlords to get back possession.

Mark Davies, a partner in the firm and head of the firm’s property disputes team said that “One of the major problems facing the housing sector is shortage of supply and it is hard to see how these proposals are going to help encourage investment by landlords and reduce rents for tenants.”

Daniel Winslow, an associate in this firm’s property disputes team added “The Government could find itself being the cause of a drastic drop off in available rental stock on the market and people could very well find themselves unable to find a place they can rent at an affordable price. The changes could end up hurting the very people they are intended to protect.”

If you are a landlord and wish to find out more about the recent intended changes and / or would like to safeguard yourself against being locked into a tenancy agreement that you cannot terminate then please contact either of our specialists, Daniel Winslow or Mark Davies, on 0207 822 4000.