Worker Catastrophically Injured in Roof Fall Wins £6.6 Million Damages

23rd January 2020 by

Building sites can be dangerous places and it is obviously right that those who suffer injury due to their employers’ failure to take appropriate precautions should be fully compensated. In one recent case, a worker who sustained grave head injuries when he fell through a roof will receive a settlement of £6.6 million in damages.

The accident caused a brain injury which has rendered the man an exceptionally vulnerable and challenging individual. Although he has made some progress, he is quite a handful for those who are trying to rehabilitate him. He has little insight into his condition and, due to his inability to handle money sensibly, has in the past fallen victim to unscrupulous characters intent on manipulating him.

After action was taken on his behalf against the house-building company for which he worked at the time of the accident, a lump sum settlement was agreed on the basis of 82.5 per cent liability. In approving the settlement, the High Court imposed wide-ranging restrictions on reporting of the case in order to protect the man, who has no capacity to make decisions for himself.

Falls from height are depressingly common in the construction sector. If you have been injured in a fall at work, you may be entitled to compensation. Healys LLP can offer expert advice on any aspect of personal injuries and making a claim. For more information, please contact Healys LLP on 0800 2800432 or email us at