Nurse Condemned to Chronic Pain from Collapsing Chair Awarded £500,000

13th March 2020 by

Defects in workplace equipment can cause devastating injuries. In one High Court case, a nurse secured six-figure compensation after an office chair collapsed underneath him.

The nurse had been working in a medium-secure mental hospital when the incident occurred. When he sat down on adjustable chair, it dropped sharply down to its lowest setting. As a result, he suffered what he at first thought was a minor injury to the base of his spine. However, he later developed a chronic pain syndrome of such severity that he can no longer work. He now needs a wheeled walking frame to get about.

After he launched proceedings, his NHS trust employer admitted liability for the accident, on the basis that the chair was defective, but continued to dispute the value of his claim. On the second day of the trial of the action, however, the trust agreed to pay £500,000 in settlement of his claim.

Accidents like this can happen when you least expect it. If you have been injured at work because of your employer’s failure to ensure that workplace equipment or furniture is safe to use, you could be entitled to compensation. We can offer advice regarding personal injuries. For more information, please contact Healys LLP on 0800 2800432 or email us at