Something to Take Care of in the Current Climate

26th March 2020 by

We would like to reassure our clients and future clients that we are still able to take instructions to complete your Will, so please do get in touch with us if you would like to discuss completing your Will with us.

Healys have specialist solicitors who will draft your Will according to your instructions, and can also advise in respect of all areas of estate planning.

Completing your Will may be a little harder following the ‘lockdown’ measures introduced this week. To complete a legally valid Will, the very basics of the law state that the Will must be in writing, it must be signed by the person making the Will (or at their direction), and lastly, it must be witnessed by two persons who do not benefit under the Will and whom are not married to people who benefit under the Will. As such, to complete your Will, you will as a bare minimum need to be in the presence of two independent parties to witness the signing of your Will, in order for it to be legally valid.

The Law Society and other professional bodies are in discussions with the Government on how to deal with this issue and we are keeping fully up to date on all developments. While the ‘lockdown’ measures are in place, it is still possible to complete your Wills. However, each Will may need to be executed with reference to your specific circumstances, and the applicable rules at the relevant time.

We strongly recommend that you do not delay in completing your Will due to the current difficulties. Quite simply, the Government will have to allow provision for the completion of your Will should the ‘lockdown’ measures not be relaxed in the short term.

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