£250,000 for Cyclist Severely Injured By Negligent Van Driver

6th May 2020 by

Cyclists are among the most vulnerable of road users. However, if they suffer accidents that are not their fault, specialist solicitors are always there to ensure that they are fairly compensated. In one case, a woman who was gravely injured by an opening van door as she rode past obtained six-figure damages.

The woman, who was in her mid-60s, had no opportunity to avoid the accident. After she was thrown from her bike, her head hit the ground, causing a skull fracture and damage to a frontal lobe of her brain. As a result, there had been a change in her personality. Additionally, she would always be stricken by acute fatigue and difficulty in executive decision-making.

After she launched proceedings against the van’s owner, his insurers admitted primary liability for the accident. They argued, however, that the woman had herself been careless in failing to wear a helmet. There was also a dispute over the extent to which her pre-accident history of vulnerability had contributed to the difficulties she had endured since.
Following negotiations, however, the insurers agreed to settle the woman’s claim for a lump-sum payment of £250,000. On the basis that she is, due to her injuries, at particular risk of unscrupulous people taking advantage of her, the money will be held on trust for her by a solicitor and invested for her benefit. The High Court approved the settlement.

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