Property is on the Move

13th May 2020 by

Under the new corona-virus rules, house moves and viewings in England will be able to resume today.

This is very welcome news and should provide a much-needed kick start to the Property market.

The property sector has been hit hard over the last few years, in more ways than one. Stamp Duty increases, new rules that have taken away tax reliefs, and of course Brexit, have all taken their toll.  Though many firms, including ours, saw an increase in new instructions following the withdrawal of the UK from the EU, the current pandemic once again put a hold on the market.

Yesterday’s announcement will be exciting news for many people keen to move house; and especially so for those who had already put their plans on hold as a result of Brexit and the accompanying uncertainty. Though safety rules regarding social distancing will still apply, conveyancing services, viewings and removals will resume; and enable the property market to finally move forward.

This is excellent news for us all. With incredibly low interest rates and people eager to proceed, we expect a surge in new instructions and everyone in the industry will be working flat out to keep up with demand. The previously predicted 2020 boom is looking likely to be kick-started again!

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