Family of Financier Killed By Hospital Blunder Receives £2.1 Million

9th June 2020 by

Loved ones of those who die as a result of hospital negligence often understandably feel that there is no justice in the world. However, as one case showed, the right legal advice gives hope of receiving fair compensation.

A successful financier was admitted to a private hospital for what was expected to be a fairly straightforward operation to replace a valve in his heart. The procedure turned out to be more complex than had been envisaged and, after open heart surgery, he was kept alive by a ventilator in the hospital’s intensive care unit.

About a week after the operation, a nurse made a tragic error when she turned off a humidifier in the ventilation equipment. As a result, secretions built up in his airways leading to respiratory and cardiac arrest. He suffered catastrophic brain damage and his life support machine was switched off a few days later.

After proceedings were launched on behalf of the exceptionally well-loved man’s widow and two young children, the hospital’s operator swiftly admitted liability for his death. Following negotiations, it agreed to settle the family’s claim for a lump sum of £2.1 million. In approving the settlement, a judge paid tribute to a devoted family and renaissance man whom he would very much have liked to meet.

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