Man involved in accident with a bungee claims compensation

21st August 2021 by

Healys Solicitors’ specialised personal injury team has helped a man claim compensation after he was injured at his local fairground.

Mr J was spending a Saturday afternoon with his family at the local fairground.  He decided to have a go on the bungee jump ride.  Unfortunately as Mr J was being lifted to the point where he would jump off the wench failed which caused Mr J to fall to the ground.

He was rushed to local hospital where they diagnosed him with multiple fractures to the left side together with a displaced fracture of the left clavicle.  He also ruptured his spleen which was later removed in an operation.

Mr J was self employed at the time of the accident and due to his injuries he was unable to work for six months following the accident.

The outcome of the case

Mr J decided to contact Healys Solicitors specialised personal injury team and one of our experienced solicitors, Dino Skinner, was able to deal with him claim.  Initially the fairground owner refused to take responsibility for the accident and further investigation was needed in order to progress the claim.

The first HSC investigation could not prove who was responsible for the accident so Dino instructed an expert to review the evidence.  It was found that the wench rope was braided and worn and at a number of points and was not fit for purpose. It was also found that adjustments had been made by the fairground owner to the apparatus which contributed to making the jump unsafe.

With this new evidence Dino was able to get the fairground owner to concede that he was responsible for the accident.  Dino then was able to secure Mr J £60,000 in compensation.  This would aid in Mr J’s recovery and cover any loss of earning during the 6 month period he was unable to work.

Dino Skinner, commented “This was an unfortunate accident that Mr J was involved in.  It is important in cases like these to get the right expert to provide sufficient evidence.  Without this, cases might last for long periods of time.  We are dedicated to getting the right compensation to our client in order to provide them with a speedy recovery.”

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