Up & Coming Webinar – Free Up 15+ Hours Per Week and Make AI Your New Best Junior Employee

27th March 2023 by

In recent weeks AI technology has been a hot topic for many businesses as we consider the advantages and threats of this new technology. That’s why leading law firm Healys LLP have partnered with Business Solutions Networking to host a virtual event which provides insight into how your business can take advantage of AI to save you and your business valuable time and recourses.

BSN is a leading networking platform, which specialises in bringing experts together to explore the latest business insights. This powerful online meeting format has been tested and proven to provide a space to make new connections and add to your network. It is designed to bring together business contacts that are both relevant and qualified whilst providing additional information with a guest expert Q&A.

At this month’s event, we will be joined by guest expert, Alexis Kingsbury, co- founder of Air Manual. Air Manual  supports businesses to document their processes, onboarding and training, so that employees can take on new responsibilities and deliver high quality work more quickly and efficiently.

This virtual event takes place on Tuesday 18th April 2023 from 12.30pm -2pm via Zoom.

BSN – Ask The Expert: Creating Business Strategy That Drives Daily Action Registration, Tue 21 Mar 2023 at 12:00 | Eventbrite

You can access this not to be missed webinar for FREE by using the following code via Eventbrite: Healys

During this event, professional hosts will be facilitating the conversation to identify the appropriate referrals and ensuring that all guests have the opportunity to meet and share contact details and arrange 121s.

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