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    The International Wealth Structuring team at Healys offers a full bespoke service to high net worth individuals and their families.  As part of the international team’s mandate, we help successful families and entrepreneurs protect their assets.

    The team offers a wide range of advice on all aspects of wealth structuring.  This can involve using international and domestic trusts in both local and offshore jurisdictions.  Our experts of over 20 years experience are able to advise you on where is best to store your assets and any possible tax exposures on your wealth as you enter the UK.

    Most of our clients are foreign nationals that have entered the UK using the Tier 1 Investor/Entrepreneur visas and are looking to secure their wealth and pass it on to future generations.  Our team is on hand to guide you through the red tape and give you practical and commercially sound advice that is tailored to your situation.  The team can advise on the most tax efficient way of protecting and growing your wealth.

    How the team can help you?

    Below are some common questions the team gets asked and what help we can provide:

    • When arriving in the UK when do I pay taxes? Does the reporting of tax cross international borders? Can I defer paying UK taxes The team provides advice on income and capital gains tax to those arriving in the UK for the first time, whether settling there as an immigrant ,or for work or other reasons, based upon the client’s residence and his or her domicile
    • How long can I stay? How many visits can I make? The team provides advice as to timing and frequency of visits in relation to residency in the UK and also as to “principle private residence relief” for UK dwellings owned by foreign clients.
    • Who will run my business if I die? Who will run my business if my spouse and children are not best suited to take over the business? The team provides advice regarding succession planning for the businesses of international clients.
    • Can I have my international wealth protected and preserved in a foreign sanctuary but withdraw funds from time to time without undue penalties? The team advises international clients on protecting and preserving their international wealth through trusts and other offshore vehicles, as well as providing tax effective strategies to draw upon the trust funds so that the beneficiaries may enjoy the benefits at relatively little cost in taxes.
    • Can I undo what has been done and arrange it differently? While it may often be too late to undertake planning with the benefit of hindsight, we can advise whether there may some restructuring and remedial actions can be taken to rescue missed planning opportunities.
    • How can I consolidate my international entrepreneurial activities under one roof? By the use of offshore trusts and other corporate group holding and functional vehicles, the client’s global trading and wealth management vehicles can be consolidated under a single “umbrella”.
    • I am too busy doing what I do best to analyse the legal and technical detail- I need comprehensive advice explained to me in simple terms. The team provides comprehensive advice backed up with understandable summaries highlighting the needs, solutions and actions to be taken for the busy entrepreneur or those less interested in the technical detail.
    • What if the tax laws change? What if the tax planning is out of date? The team can review and conduct “health-checks” on existing planning, which may be subject to changes in tax laws or changes in family and other dynamics. While tax may be one of the main objectives, there are usually other non-tax benefits for the estate planner and his family, and there are usually ways to restructure to take account of recent developments.
    • How can I make business and investment decisions, buy and sell properties and look after the interests of my family if my wealth is managed by trustees and directors of corporate entities? The team advises clients and their trustees on strategies to optimise the protection and tax efficient management of wealth, while providing clients sufficient flexibility and scope for achieving personal aims and ambitions within the planning.

    For further information on the services we provide please contact James Wolfson on 020 7822 4109 or email

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