Diversity Policy


General statements

The Firm is committed to diversity and inclusivity in employment and in all our professional dealings.

We seek to treat all job applicants, employees, partners and other workers equally and without regard for race, religion or belief, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, or gender reassignment.

It is good business sense for the Firm to ensure that its most important resource, its staff, is treated in a fair and effective way.

The Firm aims to create a working environment that is free from discrimination, harassment and victimisation and one which respects the diverse backgrounds and beliefs of all our partners, staff and clients.

The same commitment applies to our dealings with barristers, other lawyers, clients and third parties.

The Firm has appointed a senior equity partner as diversity and inclusion partner. He isresponsible for promoting our diversity and inclusion initiatives. Assisted by the HR team he ensures that the diversity and inclusion policy is updated.

The Firm is at all times mindful or the provisions of the Equality Act 2010 and the Solicitors’ Code of Conduct.

All employees and partners are required to comply with this policy.

Forms of discrimination

It is unlawful to discriminate against any individual, directly or indirectly, and the Firm’s policy is against any kind of discrimination. Examples are:

direct discrimination
where a person is treated less than favourably than another person because they have or are thought to have one of the protected characteristics set out in paragraph 1.2 above or because they associate with a person who has one of the protected characteristics.

indirect discrimination
indirect discrimination occurs when a condition, rule, policy or practice is applied to all employees but particularly disadvantages people who share a protected characteristic.

where someone is treated badly because he or she has made or supported a complaint or raised a grievance under the Equality Act 2010.

see our comprehensive non harassment policy for a definition of harassment and our policy in relation to it.

Recruitment and training

The Firm will ensure that there are equal opportunities in all stages of the recruitment process and throughout the training and development of each individual.

In addition to diversity and induction training for all new joiners the Firm is committed to diversity and inclusion awareness training for all partners and employees.


Promotion within the Firm, including to partnership, is made without discrimination and is based on merit. Monitoring and review

Our policies are monitored at least annually by the Firm to judge effectiveness and compliance with the law and best practice. If changes are required, the Firm will implement them.

Our policies and any changes implemented are promoted through internal communications and training will be provided where necessary. In any event, all new joiners will receive training as part of their induction.

Diversity data is gathered at application stage and we report on diversity composition monthly.

The Firm is committed to complying with the SRA’s Diversity Data Transparency Requirement and provides all partners and employees with the opportunity, once a year, to complete a diversity questionnaire.Disciplinary and grievance procedures

Acts of discrimination, harassment or victimisation by employees or partners of the Firm will result in disciplinary action. Failure to comply with the policy will be treated in a similar fashion. The policy applies to all who are employed in the Firm and to partners.

If any employee or partner has a grievance as a result of discrimination, harassment or victimisation the Firm will treat this seriously and take the necessary action in accordance with our established grievance procedures and non harassment policy. Clients

The Firm is generally free to decide whether to accept instructions from any particular client, but refusal to act for a prospective client will not be based upon any form of discrimination.

Any complaint by a third party alleging discrimination will be reported to the diversity and inclusion partner and the head of risk of resolution.