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    Lawyers on both sides are now under a heavy obligation to consider alternatives to litigation, such as mediation, and to resort to proceedings only where it is really unavoidable. Many forms of ADR procedure are available. Many commercial contracts include arbitration clauses under which the parties agree to refer any dispute to arbitration rather than going to Court. The object is to obtain a fair resolution of the dispute by an impartial tribunal without the unnecessary delay or expense of Court. There are a number of different procedures that may be followed by arbitrators from the reasonably informal through to procedures often more complicated than litigation. The arbitrator’s decision is binding on both parties but may lead to Court proceedings based on disputes arising from arbitrations.

    Mediation on the other hand involves the appointment of a mediator whose main function is to facilitate the channels of communication between the parties seeking common ground to encourage them to find agreement where possible.

    We can set out mediations and arbitrations very quickly and have access to superb facilities based very near the High Court. We have links with expert mediation chambers and have a good track record of resolving commercial disputes, which are often time critical.

    We offer the full range of funding options (other than government funding) to include fixed fees, conditional fee arrangements, after the event insurance and third party funding. We also always provide cost estimates as soon as reasonably practicable and remain within those estimates or, where (for good reason) not possible, agree a revised estimate before the previous one is exceeded. This, together with our regular billing policy and transparency on costs, means you retain a degree of control and certainly over your legal spend.

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