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Visa for Entrepreneurs in the UK
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    At Healys Solicitors our specialist Immigration Lawyers have years of experience in dealing with tier 1 entrepreneur visa.  Our dedicated team will be able to guide you through the process and offer a tailored service to fit your needs.

    What Is a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa?

    The tier 1 entrepreneur’s visa is a route that enables foreign individuals to obtain residence by setting up or taking over, and being actively involved in the running of, one or more businesses in the UK.

    What are the requirements for a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa?

    To access the visa you will need to invest £200,000 GBP in cash directly into one or more businesses in the UK.  The money must be disposable in the UK and you will have to provide evidence that the money is being held in one or more regulated financial institutions.  As the applicant you will also need to meet the English Language requirement (B1 English test) and meet the maintenance requirements.

    Once you gain access to the visa you will initially be given 3 years and 4 months of leave to enter the UK.  You will then have to register as a company director, or as self-employed within the first 6 months.  You will have to invest £200,000 GBP into a UK business either by investing into an existing business or establishing a new business.  With the investment you must create at least two new full time jobs for persons settled in the UK in which they must work for a minimum of 12 months.  You must also be engaged in business activity at the time of this application for leave to remain (the extension application).

    You are able to rely on third party funding in order to raise the £200,000 GBP and this can be from a relative, any other investor and any corporate body.  You are also able to raise the funds as a pair of entrepreneurs using the same £200,000 GBP.

    Under the visa you will not be permitted to work anywhere other than in the business you have established, joined or taken over (but dependants are free to take any employment).  Your investment should not include the value of any residential accommodation or be in property development or property management.  Also the investment should not be in the form of a director’s loan, unless it is unsecured and is subordinated in favour of the third-party creditors.

    It is possible for a person who is already in the UK in certain categories to switch into the entrepreneur category.

    Can I Bring My Family Members With Me?

    With the entrepreneur’s visa you are able to bring your dependants into the country. These are usually classed as:

    • Spouse – husband or wife (can be any age)
    • Unmarried partners – 2 years co-habitation required
    • Civil partners
    • Same sex partners – 2 years co-habitation required
    • Children under 18 – as long as they are unmarried and not living an independent life
    • Children over 18 – only where they were a dependant in a previous application

    What about settling in the UK?

    You will be entitled to indefinite leave to remain (ILR) if you reside in the UK for at least 185 days per year.  You are permitted to leave the UK for up to 180 days per year.

    You will be eligible to apply for ILR after five years of residing in the UK.  You may apply for accelerated ILR at any point after three years if 10 full time jobs for resident workers have been created with each job lasting for at least 12 months.  You will also be able to apply for accelerated ILR if your company has generated a total turnover of £5,000,000 GBP over a three year period.

    How can Healys Help?

    The experienced Immigration team at Healys Solicitors will prepare and submit your tier 1 entrepreneur visa application (and those of your dependants) from the UK.

    We will ensure that all supporting documents are carefully drafted to ensure compliance with UK Immigration Rules and specifically assist your bank and/or third-party funders to produce financial documents that also comply with the rules.

    We’ll advise you on the best type of application for your situation and give you the insight you need to make informed decisions along the way. We aim to not only make the process as smooth as possible but to enhance it and improve the chances of your permanent residence application being successful.

    We’re a law firm that understands its customers and treats every individual case as something new. We focus on building relationships with our clients to ensure that we can provide them with the best legal representation and advice that we possibly can. With several decades of experience across different aspects of law, including immigration, we believe that we’re in a unique position to offer our clients the best advice available on managing and processing UK visa applications.

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    Visa for Entrepreneurs in the UK capabilities
    Visa for Entrepreneurs in the UK experiences
    • Our client is a businesswoman, who wanted to enter the UK as a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) in order to invest in an existing business. We assisted our client with introducing her to our contacts in order to find her the right business in which to invest in, in accordance with her qualifications/experience and advised her on the whole procedure. Once having done so, we prepared our client’s application with supporting relevant documentation in order to meet the Immigration Rules. Our client was subsequently granted Entry Clearance into the UK as a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur). Shortly after our client had been in the UK, she instructed us that she wished for her spouse and children to join her in the UK. We assisted our client in the preparation of her dependants’ applications, which were later granted, and our client’s family entered the UK in order to join her.
    • Our client is a successful businessman, who wanted to enter the UK as a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) in order to incorporate his own business in the UK, which would procure raw hides from Europe and UK, process them in the UK and resell them to an international clientele. We assisted our client with the preparation of his application as well as preparing the applications on his dependants’ behalf in order to join him in the UK. Our client was later granted entry clearance into the UK, in order to establish his business, along with his dependents.
    • Instructed by a successful Middle Eastern businessman to make an Entry Clearance application as a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) on behalf of the client, which the client was subsequently granted. We also helped our client open a business bank account and helped set up his company in the UK.
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    • Covid 19 Guidance for Chinese Nationals in the UK

      26th March 2020

      Expiry of Visa Whilst Still in the UK

      The Home Office Covid 19 Guidance states that Chinese nationals in the UK, who have been compliant with the conditions of their visa/leave before the pandemic outbreak, but whose visas have expired between 24 January 2020 and 30 March 2020, will automatically have their visas extended until 31 March 2020. There is no need for a visa holder to do anything. Therefore, for example, if you are a Chinese student or visitor in the UK, you will be permitted to stay in the UK until 31 March 2020, according to this guidance. Continue reading »

    • Impact of Covid 19 On Visa and Leave to Remain

      25th March 2020

      The Home Office have today announced a further extension of visa expiry or leave to remain. If individuals are unable to return to their home country before their leave or visa expires because of Covid 19 travel restrictions then their leave to remain or visa is to be extended to 31 May 2020.

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    Visa for Entrepreneurs in the UK awards
    • Legal 500 2017 - Human Resources: Immigration – ranked: Tier 3 (London) - “Healys LLP’s ‘excellent’ offering acts for high-net-worth individuals, and regularly advises individuals from the sports, music, theatre, film and entertainment industries. It also advises UK Universities on student visas, extensions and reviews, and advises companies on sponsorship licences. Department head Ivon Sampson ‘is willing to fight for clients’. Omar Shams, who heads the Middle East department, advises businesses and high-net-worth individuals on entry into the UK.”
    • Legal 500 2016 - Human Resources: Immigration – ranked: other recommended firm
    Visa for Entrepreneurs in the UK news
    • Case Study – DP v Barts Health NHS Trust

      28th May 2020

      Jonathan acted on behalf of a 23 year old female in relation to her claim for clinical negligence that happened in 2015 at Whipps Cross Hospital in London. The Claimant had a relevant past gynaecological and obstetric history of a previous caesarean section in 2013 and previous laparotomy for ovarian cystectomy at 10 years of age. This was classified as a high risk pregnancy and the Claimant was referred to a Consultant in the Antenatal Clinic at Whipps Cross Hospital for review. The Claimant had elected to have a caesarean section. The Claimant had previously undergone an emergency lower segment caesarean section due to a failure to progress when having her first child. Continue reading »