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    Asbestos is highly effective at resisting heat, corrosion, and also providing insulation. Consequently, it was well suited for the shipbuilding industry. As an example, this material was frequently used to coat boilers and incinerators in order to prevent these hazards from starting a fire at sea.

    Unfortunately, unbeknownst to many individuals, asbestos carried several dangers. If disturbed or damaged, this material could release fibres into the air which might eventually cause a range of health conditions if inhaled – such as mesothelioma, an often fatal form of cancer.

    Fortunately, legislation prohibited the use, importation, and supply of asbestos in 1999. However, as an individual might develop mesothelioma up to 60 years after originally coming into contact with this material, those who previously worked in the shipbuilding industry are still being diagnosed with asbestos-related diseases.

    For example, during the early 21st Century, it was revealed that a large number of individuals had perished from these conditions in towns such as Sunderland, Newcastle, and Hartlepool – areas which were frequently associated with Britain’s shipbuilding past.

    Although those who work in shipbuilding today are unlikely to experience asbestos exposure, individuals who were previously employed in this profession could be suffering from diseases such as mesothelioma, asbestosis, or lung cancer.

    Asbestos claims Solicitors for Shipbuilders Brighton & London, UK

    If you were adversely affected after coming into contact with this material, and another person or company’s negligence was responsible for your exposure, you may be entitled to receive damages through an asbestos claims solicitor.

    At Healys  LPP, our team has specialist knowledge of this subject area and will strive to help sufferers obtain maximum compensation. To find out if you are entitled to receive funds through us, please contact one of our experienced asbestos lawyers today.

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