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Making an Asbestos Claim
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    Asbestosis is a condition caused by inhalation of asbestos dust and marked by a buildup of fibrous tissue in the lungs. This can cause serious scarring and impair breathing and result in a range of respiratory symptoms. If severe enough, it may eventually pose a threat to the sufferer’s life. There is a strong correlation between asbestosis and a later propensity to developing lung cancer.

    Who can claim?

    Although any person who is suffering from the illness can claim, close relatives and dependents can claim too if the affected person has died within three years of the date of claim.

    • Electrician claims – During the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s many electricians were exposed to asbestos lagging and insulation in their workplaces.
    • Boiler maker and fitter claims – Until relatively recently many boilers were insulated with asbestos. The “laggers” who fitted these boilers have some of the highest rates of asbestos cancer.
    • Mechanics and automotive worker claims – Many brake pads and clutches in the past contained asbestos-based materials.
    • Plumber claims – Plumbers often worked with asbestos contaminated heating and insulation systems.
    • Joiners, carpenters, construction worker and ship builder claims – Many workers from these trades suffered a high incidence of asbestos dust exposure.

    Asbestos lung cancer claims

    Proving that lung cancer was caused by asbestos can be very difficult, particularly if the affected individual is or ever has been a smoker. However, in certain cases where there is a documented history of prolonged exposure to asbestos-containing substances, it may be possible for the sufferer to claim compensation.

    How can I make an asbestos claim?

    Healys LPP has specialist knowledge, skills and experience to advance your asbestos claim to the best possible conclusion.

    Although our primary aim is always maximum compensation, our service is tailored to the client’s needs and helps with many related aspects, such as the provision of specialist care, treatment and support. In addition, we always aim to secure interim payments where possible for immediate needs.For advice and support to bring clarity and direction to your claim, talk to Healys lawyers at our Brighton or London offices today by contacting, or calling us at 0800 2800432.

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