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    The death of a spouse or close relative can result in unimaginable emotional trauma and may also bring further emotional strain for families and dependants in the form of financial loss and uncertainty. Although fatal accident claims and inquests cannot turn back the clock or heal emotional wounds, they can help provide practical support and security while providing answers to resolve uncertainty.

    Contact us today for a free consultation on your fatal accident claim.  Call our specialist Personal Injury Team based both in Brighton and London on 0800 280 0432 or if you wish us to call you back please fill in the form.

    “K and I would both like to thank you very much for the way you handled B’s case. It was dealt with very efficiently and you were always very helpful on the telephone and took time to explain things to us in detail. We wouldn’t hesitate in instructing you again in the future. Thank you again.” – Mrs E

    We have been working to get the compensation you deserve for over 30 years and each member of the Team is highly specialised and has years of experience.

    Most of our cases are dealt on a “no win, no fee” agreement so there is no financial risk to you.

    Fatal accident claims with Healys Solicitors

    Thousands of people lose their lives in fatal accidents in the UK each year. Healys Solicitors can provide you with an experienced fatal accident solicitor who can offer commitment and support to claimants who have lost a loved one in any of the following types of circumstance:

    • Fall from height accidents
    • Construction accidents
    • Car, motorcycle and cycling accidents
    • Workplace accidents
    • Forklift accidents
    • Negligent medical care

    Who can make a fatal accident claim?

    It is not only husbands, wives and children who can make fatal accident claims. The following relations and dependents may be able to obtain compensation following the death of a loved one:

    • A spouse or former spouse
    • A civil partner or former civil partner
    • A cohabitee (if he or she had lived with the deceased for at least two years)
    • A parent of the deceased
    • A child or other descendant
    • A child who was treated as blood offspring

    Fatal accident inquests

    An inquest is there to help you understand the circumstances surrounding a fatal accident and may even assist your solicitor in making a claim for compensation.

    Healys Solicitors can assist grieving families through the process of an inquest. By compiling a file of relevant documents and evidence, such as medical records and accidents reports, we can help ensure that the inquest hearing is both thorough and informed. Above all, we can help ensure that your interests are represented and that, where you desire, you are able to ask witnesses the crucial questions and, hopefully, receive the answers you need.

    Any evidence that comes to light during an inquest hearing may later be of assistance in securing a favourable outcome to a fatal accident claim.

    How we have helped our clients

    Healys Solicitors is committed to helping bereaved families receive the answers they need following the death of a loved one following a fatal accident.

    Where appropriate, we fight with skill and diligence to secure compensation for relations and dependants left facing financial uncertainty following an unexpected death.

    Healys Solicitors has offices in London and Brighton. Call us today for sensitive advice and information.

    How we have helped our clients:

    We also were able to help Vicky who was a partner of 18 year old student who was involved in a fatal road traffic accident.  Vicky had been pregnant at the time of the accident and we were able to secure a six figure sum in compensation to help support the baby girl.

    You can view the extended version of these case studies and other ways on how we have helped our clients by visiting the case studies section.

    So contact the Personal Injuries Team on 0800 280 0432 or fill in contact us form for us to call you back.

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